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Questions tagged [alac]

Apple Lossless is a lossless audio codec developed by Apple. Its file extension is .m4a.

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Converting ALAC inside .mp4 file to FLAC without quality loss with FFmpeg

So, I have a .mp4 video file recorded with OBS, and I realised that Sony Vegas does not accept the audio format because it is from Apple (it basically imports the video just fine, but the audio is 6 ...
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How to convert ffmpeg 24 bit flac to 16 bit alac?

I was needing help with the command to turn a 24 bit flac to 16 bit alac. To turn 24 bit flac to 16 bit flac: ffmpeg -i input.flac -sample_fmt s16 -ar 48000 output.flac To turn flac to alac: ffmpeg -i ...
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Converting m4a (alac) to flac using ffmpeg, output is lower quality?

I'm trying to convert my imported music collection to flac for compatibility reasons. Anyway, I'm converting using this command: ffmpeg -i file.m4a file.flac Now technically, this works fine, and ...
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How to encode a 32 bit ALAC from a RAW using FFmpeg

Trying to compress a 32 bit floating point waveform (raw binary). FLAC is out because it only goes up to 24 bits per sample. ALAC can handle 32 bits per sample. I can encode directly from RAW to ALAC ...
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How to make ffmpeg write 16 bit ALAC?

MacOS Sierra, ffmpeg version 3.0.2. Trying to change the volume of a file in ALAC encoding (Apple Lossless 16 bit): ffmpeg -i input.m4a -af "volume=0.5" -acodec alac output.m4a I was following the ...
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Best audio converter for flac to alac? [closed]

I just got a new phone with a lot more space. This means I can put my lossless audio on... trouble is, iTunes doesn't support flac.... There is alac, but I have yet to find a quality converter to ...
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2 answers

How do I upload my .M4A (Apple Lossless) files to Google Music?

Google Music does not support .M4A (Apple Lossless) files and so Google's Music Manager skips them. How do I upload those?
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Lower the bitrate of a lossless m4a file

When I try to sync my music library to my iPod touch using iTunes it says that some songs can't be synchronized because the sample rate is too high. Indeed, some files have a bitrate of ~3000 kbps. ...
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3 answers

How to compare two lossless audio files?

I have an M4A file which is also converted to a FLAC file. I'd like to see if the conversion is lossless, namely, whether the output to pcm from M4A is exactly identical to the one from FLAC decoding. ...
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Can Apple Lossless audio be converted to FLAC with no loss of fidelity?

Can Apple Lossless audio files (ALAC) be converted to FLAC audio files with no loss of fidelity?
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2 answers

Free batch conversion from FLAC to Apple Looseless (ALAC/m4a)?

I am looking for a free tool that would allow me to convert big amounts of FLAC files to Apple Looseless (ALAC) while preserving the tags and optionally adding new ones from CDDB or similar sources. ...
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How to Play 24 bit flac on iTunes? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Flac files on iTunes I have flac files, which are 24 bit. I have tried to convert them to MPEG-4 Audio (Apple lossless), using Max (on Mac OS 10.6.4), but it let me choose ...
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What is the best file format/bit rate to rip tracks from a CD into iTunes? [closed]

I know it sounds subjective but its not meant to be. I am very new to ripping CD's using iTunes, and I'm confused over the different formats available. I have read Wikipedia regarding the AAC and ...
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Play Apple Lossless (.m4a, ALAC) files in Windows 7 Media Player?

Is there a good plugin or codec that allows Media Player/Media Center on Windows 7 to play Apple Lossless (ALAC) encoded files? As the files are shared between multiple iTunes installations and one ...
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