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Amazon Web Service's long-term archival/backup cloud-based service

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What to do with upload ID beginning with dash (hyphen-minus)?

I'm having a bit of an issue when it comes to Amazon Glacier. I typed in the command aws glacier initiate-multipart-upload \ --account-id - \ --archive-description "Qozu Chronicles May ...
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Can't delete duplicity s3/glacier archives

For backing up my system to s3, I'm running: duplicity 0.8.17 Python 3.9.2 boto3 '1.24.36' My daily backups run fine, as desired they are moved from s3 to glacier after a month, duplicity status ...
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Glacier retrieval of purged files

I want to retrieve files that were deleted from my network folders from Amazon Glacier via Cloudberry. I do not have an exact number for the files that were deleted and was wondering if it is possible ...
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How to move AmazonDrive data over to S3 Glacier? [closed]

Since Amazon changed their price of unlimited cloud storage in AmazonDrive, I now have to shut down my use of AmazonDrive. It's just too expensive. I'm looking to move my storage needs over to Glacier....
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Data retrieval time - Amazon Glacier [closed]

Amazon Glacier FAQ page contains several points, which talk about time needed to retrieve data from Amazon Glacier. For example: Standard retrievals allow you to access any of your archives within ...
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Why does Amazon Glacier WJPSGlacier vault Size show '--'?

I have set up my QNAP NAS to backup to Amazon Glacier which seems to work well. However when I login to AWS the vault I am backing up to it shows the vault is empty, size 0, inventory last updated not ...
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Possible to rsync to Amazon Glacier?

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 server that I need to incrementally backup nightly, preferably with rsync. Amazon's Glacier looks like a good option but none of the online tutorials I'm finding do incremental ...
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Is Amazon Glacier appropriate for archiving Digital Media content? [closed]

Background : A content production team shoots and records content in digital media formats. These can be a mix of raw footages, converted videos and images. These content are stored in a share ...
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Why does Cloudberry Backup not list files correctly when using Amazon Glaicer?

About 10 days ago, I began a trial of Cloudberry Backup (CBB). Their Explorer product is very good and I am looking to save a few bucks by using Amazon Glacier as my offsite backup at home instead of ...
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File retrieval and extraction from Amazon Glacier

I backup my Synology Diskstation files to an Amazon Glacier account and have used FastGlacier to download a file from there, but I'm not sure how to view/extract this file (it has no file type). ...
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Using Cloudberry SQL Server backup and Amazon Glacier efficiently

I'm using Cloudberry Serverbackup to backup my SQL databases once a month to Amazon Glacier. I know that just getting an inventory from Glacier can take a long time. Is there a way that when the ...
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Download an Arq backup on Windows

I was using Arq to backup data to Glacier from my Mac. Now I need to download that data onto a Windows machine since my Mac went kaput :( Any ideas how to do that? Fastglacier doesn't show the ...
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Arq app — Merge a backup folder from a fresh install

context I'm using Arq app, my disk have 2 partitions, os and data, the partition I'm backing up is data. added the content under data partition to backup and waited for the data upload to complete ...
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How to delete all glacier data?

I was using a tool on Mac OS X called Arq to backup my data, but i found it so hard to upload all my stuff since I don't and can't have an internet connection that is fast enough for it. So I decided ...
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What's the easiest way to duplicate a portion of a directory structure onto an external drive?

I'm trying to move a large chunk of data from one of our servers onto an external drive for delivery to Amazon glacier storage. To do that, I'd like to copy a chunk of the server, preserving the ...
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Moving EBS snapshots to Glacier

I have hundreds of large EBS snapshots I need to move to Glacier. What's the best way to go about doing this?
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Amazon Glacier inventory - how to tell which files are which?

Last September, I uploaded about 7GB of data into Amazon Glacier. I have had a catastrophic data loss and now need to get only a few files from the Vault. I have retrieved the Vault inventory but ...
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How do I list archives in Amazon Glacier?

I am new to Amazon Glacier. I have succesfully created a vault and uploaded some archives. In the management console I can only see the name of the vault and that it contains 4 archives, taking up 4....
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I need a simple way to backup files to Amazon glacier from the command line?

I have a CentOS server online with a directory of cPmove files I need to back up to Amazon Glacier. I only have command line access, no GUI. I need a command line client that is relatively easy to ...
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Initiate restore of directory hierarchy in Glacier to S3?

Using software that runs under Linux, is there a way to initiate a restore from Glacier to S3 of an entire directory hierarchy? The files are transferred to Glacier using a S3 bucket lifecycle rule. ...
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