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Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS. Questions regarding this should be asked at [].

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docker-compose: no pg_hba.conf entry for host

I'm trying to make a few containers that are started by a docker-compose to work with a remote AWS database (managed by Heroku). I configured the envs as shown bellow: environment: - ...
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Amazon DynamoDB, S3 or continue with SQL Server RDS for BLOB?

Right now we are using local SQL Server 2016 as the DB server and planning to move it to Amazon RDS. The issue is, currently there is a filestream filegroup in use to store some occasional binary ...
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Connecting to SQL Server on AWS RDS

I have an SQL Server running on an AWS RDS Instance. I can connect fine using SQL SMgr on my local machine but I get an error message from an application I run on my local machine which needs to ...
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Trying to migrate a mysql server to AWS

Please advise on how to migrate my local mysql server to the cloud. Currently I have a Fedora linux box and a NAS attached to it via ethernet. I believe the best way to go about it is : Take a ...
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Chef and PostgreSql

With amazon annoucing postgresql service in RDS, can we setup chef-server(11) with amazon rds postgresql database, rather than using the default databse that gets installed with the omnibus installer. ...
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Is there an easy way to configure AWS RDS security groups so that specific users can access the RDS instance?

I have an Oracle instance set up in Amazon Web Services' RDS, and I want to give three users access to the database. The issue that I'm having is that the way security groups work, it seems that I can ...
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Is it advisable to use Crystal Reports remotely with Amazon RDB [closed]

I'm looking into setting up a database in Amazon RDS for use with Crystal Reports. Crystal will be running in our office in California and the DB will reside in the Amazon cloud servers in Virginia. ...
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EC2 Ubuntu with WordPress can't connect to RDS

I have set up a WordPress website on a Ubuntu 12.04 Amazon ec2 machine by following this tutorial except the fact that I haven't created a MySQL database and I am using an amazon RDS MySQL service. ...
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Amazon EC2 (Linux) + RDS (MySQL) + PHP + pdflatex = LaTeX to PDF online

I would like to have a website capable of converting LaTeX documents to PDF online. So for example user types in some raw LaTeX (document), I'm saving it into my MySQL database and I'm able to convert ...
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MySql Workbench and SSL support

I want to connect to Amazon's RDS MySql service using MySql Workbench 5.2.33 running on Windows. I want to connect using SSL. How do I do this? How can I verify that I am connecting using SSL?
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