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How would I separate left and right audio from a soundcard into two inputs, and later combine them together

I have a Steinberg UR22 mk2 soundcard, which I use for my mic and for my guitar, and I can set it up so that my mic is the left channel and my guitar is the right channel. Is it possible to separate ...
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Is there a way to process audio in realtime?

If I record an audio segment with my Yeti I can remove the white noise or noise from my fan with Audacity's Noise Reduction, and it works pretty well. Is there any way to process this effect in real-...
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How to prove authenticity of an audio recording?

Hypothetical Situation: I have a recording which has proof that my friend is plotting to kill a a foreign ambassador. Being one who always sticks for what is right, I plan to disclose these plans. How ...
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Why does lower latency of audio devices translate to higher CPU consumption?

I'm wondering what the relation is between operating an audio device at a lower latency and it using more CPU power. Can you explain it to me?
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How to determine whether audio is music or not

I would like to listen to talkshows and newsreports from a certain radio station but not to their music. How do I automate the process of detecting the music, and silencing the stream? Currently ...
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Remove Noise from m4b (audiobook) file

I have an audiobook in m4b-format (with metadata such as chaptermarks etc) that unluckily contains a high pitched background noise. What is the best tool/workflow for OS X to remove this unwanted ...
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Make recorded voice sound like specific tenor / actor?

This might seem unusual but I need to edit an audio file(wav) that is saying some sentences for a presentation and make it sound like a certain tenor that I can find audio samples in the Internet. I ...
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How do I create a WAV file that only plays on rear speakers?

How do I create or convert a WAV file to play only with rear speakers. What Windows/Linux software could I use to do that? I tried to use Audacity but with no results.
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How to increase volume on multiple MP3s at once?

I know how to use Audacity to increase the volume of one MP3 at a time. What I have is a folder of audio files and I'd like to increase the volume of all of them without the need to open each one ...
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How do I automatically split an audio file where a tone occurs?

I have an audio recording in which 1 kHz tones divide its segments. There are so many segments that it would take a while to use Audacity to manually split the file. Is there an automatic plug-in or ...
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How to remove unwanted noise peaks in sound files in Windows?

How can I remove the peaks in the top channel shown in the image? They are noises. This image is from audacity
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Pitch changing plugin for Winamp?

Is there a free Winamp plugin that can change the pitch of the music (in real time, so no Audacity or stuff like that) by a number of semitones? The ones I've found are either not free or too old. ...
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