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Backup Exec LTO-M8 (LTO-7 Type M) shows only 6TB (LTO 7) instead of 9TB (LTO-M8)

today I installed new empty LTO-7 Tapes into a Library which supports LTO-8. So I should be able to use the "LTO-7 Type M" capacity of 9TB. Actually the Library is showing the tapes with LTO ...
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Backup Exec 16 Service Account permissions

i am trying to set up a new storage pool in Backup Exec 16 but am having some issues with the service account permissions. The service account I am using as part of the Domain Admins group and is ...
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Backup Exec 2014 & LTO5 compression not working

I have Backup Exec 2014 (14.1 Rev 1786 64 bit)version installed on Windows 208 R2. IBM LTO5 (IBM ULT3580-HH5) standalone tape drive is attached. Hardware compression is enabled in storage ...
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Backup Exec - 'Please Insert Overwriteable Media'

Now this may sound like a simple problem but I have been wrestling it for the last few weeks now. Other than our main problem here, which is 'still using tape backups in 2015', I've been struggling to ...
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Disable alerts in backup exec 2010

I am trying to disable all alerts in Backup Exec 2010 R3. I know how to disable each individual ones (tools -> alerts categories), but is there a way to disable them all? Thanks!
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Configure Robotic Library with BackupExec 12

Anyone have experience configuring a 24tape robotic library with BackupExec 12? Just need some input on how I should schedule the backup jobs and whether I should create library partitions. Any advice ...
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I need to preserve a tape using symantec backup exec. I'm aving trouble doing so

Please forgive me if this is the wrong stack exchange site. Please suggest which one I should post this to if it is. There's an automatic tape machine running in a remote location, with software (...
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Re-atched a FC Tape Drive part of Tape Library - how to update Backup Exec?

I've re-patched a FC Tape Drive that's part of a Dell ML6010 Tape Library who's link failed due to a failed HBA in the server. I've re-patched so it'll come into the only working HBA in the server now,...
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