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Decode HP T250 printer firmware [closed]

I recently bought an HP T250 Deskjet 24" printer and it uses 4 cartridges, the problem is, the price of the cartridges replacement is 1/3 of the printer's price, wich already is really expensive. ...
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Xerox - How to bypass 'Replace cartridge, 0 estimated pages remain [88.40K]'

I have a Xerox B230 laser printer that have been working fantastically except that it refuses to print any more pages with the following error message: Replace cartridge, 0 estimated pages remain [88....
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How can my Canon inkjet printer's black cartridge be drained after just ~100 pages?

I recently bought a super-expensive duo ink cartridge package for my Canon printer which I take out from the wardrobe every few years and realize that I have to buy new ink each time. It was called &...
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HP LaserJet 4M printing gray background

My HP LaserJet 4M just started printing gray background on my documents. I have cleaned both the printer and toner cartridge inside. Toner cartridge is recycled but relatively new. I have never ...
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Printer is "sptting" black ink stains

My printer is an HP Laserjet P1005. When printing, it's currently randomly "spitting" black ink stains (a few per page but on lots of pages). Should I replace the printer or the ink cartridge? (I ...
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Brother DCP-1510: How to reset toner cartridge

My printer (Type: Brother DCP-1510) reports that the toner is empty and refuses to print. However, the last pages printed were perfect. How can I convince it that everything's all right?
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ISO 24711: How to calculate page yield for a combination cartridge product?

Printer manufacturers list their cartridge page yields on their sites using the ISO 24711 standard. Now there are also products which are "bundles" of cartridges. For example, you could have a product ...
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How to reset the ink level of a Black HP 652 Cartridge installed on a HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2136 All-In-One Printer?

I used to have an older HP Printer and I refilled the ink cartridge at home and it worked perfectly. However on this newer printer after I refilled the cartridge the printer does not recognize that ...
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What is the order of the ink cartridges for a Canon i860?

I came across a Canon i860 for $10. It came with a box of ink cartridges, but none in it. So you can see my problem: what is the correct order of these cartridges?
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Resetting HP printer's catridges

I have a HP Desk jet 2131 printer with HP 803 cartridges. Today i have refilled the black cartridges but after inserting the cartridge in the printer it recognize the cartridge but it shows the ink ...
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How do I clean the PCR of a Canon NX print engine?

I recently bought a "new" Canon NX print engine (AKA "toner cartridge"). This is a classic print engine used in many laser printers in the 1990s. The engine is new in the sense that it was sealed and ...
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How can I force my printer to print in black when it can't recognize 2 colour cartridges?

So I currently have this issue where my Epson WF-3620DWF can't find the blue and yellow cartridges. (They are official epson ones) and I have a full black cartridge in there. How do I force my printer ...
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Should you switch your Inkjet printer off or leave it on standby for ink cartridges to not dry?

I did read that inkjet printers need to regularly clean their cartridges so that their tip don't dry. The common recommendation therefore is to not remove the power supply, which I'm not doing. What I'...
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Why laser printer cartridges cost more than the printer itself?

My boss was kind enough and gave me an option for buying a new printer for future from now available funds. I suggested him to buy rather new cartridges because the current printer has been used very ...
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How do I refill a CD887A inkjet cartridge?

(Question was edited to reflect: Why is a question on Inkjet refill Off Topic for Superuser?) I have an HP Inkjet printer with a CD887A cartridge. How do i refill it? Here's a photo:
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Best Way to Calibrate Printer to Generic Ink

I bought refillable ink cartridges for my Canon MP550 and generic ink bottles from a Chinese store. I have so far managed to manually adjust the color options in the printer dialog to match the ...
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Custom Firmware for Printers [closed]

Is there a way to replace the factory firmware that came with the printer with a custom firmware that allows you to use aftermarket or generic ink cartridges? A search on google doesn't reveal much ...
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Are recycled ink cartridges harmful to the printer?

We're looking to replace our print cartridges and came across this page: The recycled inks not only work out much cheaper per page,...
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Is it good to put back on the plastic sticker that came with the printer cartridge when you want to prolong cartridge life?

I use color printing very sparingly, I wonder if it is good to put back on the plastic sticker that came with the printer cartridge when you want to prolong cartridge life (or to store them) ?
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Canon MX 870 missing color cartridge I want to print text anyway

Apparently my printer won't let me continue with the printing if I don't have all the cartridges full sitting in it, despite not needing them at the moment. Can I override it somehow?
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Canon PIXMA MP140 doesn't print magenta anymore

I've got this Canon all-in-one that started showing this issue all of a sudden; I use original cartridges which I refill by myself; this one is a CL-38, 9 months old, which i've refilled two or tree ...
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How to print without yellow toner cartridge in a laser printer

I accidentally broke the yellow cartridge of my brand new Laser Printer hp CP1215. I want to just use only other colors like magenta and cyan etc. But the printer is not printing at all because there ...
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Can I Mix Ink Cartridges Of Different Manufacturers?

At the moment i have 4 total compatible ink cartridges of X manufacturer in my printer. 3 of them are depleted and one is half full which is black. What happens if i replace 3 depleted cartridges ...
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Is removing a cartridge from an inkjet printer for longer safe for the printer?

If you remove a cartridge from an inkjet printer for longer, cartridge nozzles will dry out so you'll need to clean them in some way or buy new cartridge. Is there something that can happen to the ...
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Could an epson TX220 printer "break" for letting empty cartridges for a lot of time?

I remember having some old printer that stopped working well after I didn't change an empty cartridge for a long time. Could this happen on an Epson TX220? I have one with empty cartridges since like ...
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Could my refilled printer cartridge be the cause of my misaligned printing?

For the first time, instead of using a genuine cartridge, I bought a refilled one on eBay. And, for the first time, the colour output is badly misaligned and results in blurred output. If I print ...
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How long do untouched cartridges last?

I have an Epson SX215 printer. Can I buy multiple cartridges without being worried about their expiration time? I plan to have around 3 of them, and for me they might suffice for about half a year. ...
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Best way to save ink in inkjet printer when rarely used?

I have a semi-nice printer that I use occasionally (say once every 1-4 weeks), with times where I won't touch it for a while then one day print a bunch of pictures or just documents. The use though ...
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How do I resolve "The following ink tank cannot be recognized" on my Canon MP 990?

I just got my cartridges refilled and the black one says "The following ink tank cannot be recognized". It won't let me print with this error. The cartridge successfully snaps and the cartridge LED ...
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Where to find a list of printers which require my cartridge type?

My HP 4355 Officejet printer recently died, and I have lots of unused cartridges. Is there a list of printers which would require the HP 21 ink cartridge?
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