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Storing disks of VM Instance

I recently began to use google cloud computing and used its VM instance of ubuntu to do some computation . Now I want to store the disk data of the VM Instance directly to the cloud storage so that I ...
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VirtualBox detects only less than half of the cores and designates ANY number of cores to be used by 'red' on a machine with a high number of cores

I have been using Oracle VM VirtualBox for many years and even on systems with only two cores, I have always seen the 'green' light for 50% of the cores. To my surprise, currently on a Linux machine ...
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Confused about cloud computing

I've read about three types of cloud computing services: IaaS. PaaS. SaaS. I've read about these all in many books. But I'm confused about their applications and examples. What do they mean and how ...
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Are there any Operating Systems that allow adding/removing of CPU/RAM without rebooting? [closed]

I'm exploring Cloud Computing. The first thing you get to learn is horizontal/vertical scaling. In horizontal scaling you simply add a new server (image) to your existing servers. In vertical scaling ...
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Whats the point of AWS EC2 volumes if you can't launch instance?

I created a ubuntu instance from images available in EC2. It created EBS volume during this. I ran instance from it and then terminated it (to avoid charges for then I don't run it). Now the volume is ...
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When I add the same virtual subnet ID to two virtual network adapters they can't ping each other

I am running Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-v role installed. It is nested virtualization with VMware Workstation VM1 on host 1 VM2 on host 1 Added VSID to both VM network adapters: 4666 ...
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What is main difference between cloud storage and usual server storage?

Is it true that: We can store data as well as run softwares on cloud storage, but servers are used to store and retrieve data only. Information is synchronized in cloud storage, for example, in ...
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Ubuntu Cloud image 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) only has one network interface (eth0)

I'm really new in the cloud world so I need some help because after several day surfing the internet I didn't find anything. I launch a VM with kvm using this image. After I passed the password with ...
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What does it mean On-Premises and Colocation? What is the difference between them

Sorry that I am not familiar with the Amazon Web Services (AWS). I saw these words when I read this document on AWS. But no sure what exactly they mean. So I put my understanding here. Hope get some ...'s user avatar
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more power for windows and video render

I have 10 different project on 5 windows machine that render a video with after effect, I already have a software that schedule my render. What i need is to make more video, I would like to know what ...
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Best way to install some Linux distros in the cloud and record screen

I am looking to record some training on a few Linux distributions. Will something like Microsoft Azure be able to do this or online IDE or perhaps DigitalOcean? I will download, upload the ISO and ...
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Does Full Disk Encryption using Veracrypt on a home PC affect my gaming performance and cloud storage options?

I'm considering encrypting my gaming machine SSD (A Samsung 850 EVO, 1 TB) and HDD (1 TB classic HDD) with Veracrypt for the added security (although it's unlikely i'll need it). However, I have some ...
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Spark standalone running job error

Have been stuck on this error for a few days, desperately need help. So with standalone deploying mode, I am trying to run sample jobs, yet no matter how simple the job is (even starting spark-shell ...
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What are the differences between Cloud Virtual Machines and Virtual Machines on a computer?

Google has a service that allows you to create Virtual Machine on his Cloud. There are many Virtual Machine Types like Browsers (StackBrowsers), Mobile Phone, Operating Systems. You can use the Cloud ...
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Can a personal cloud storage device be used for syncing OneNote?

(Please note this is a question about a type of NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, not an online cloud storage service.) If I understand it correctly, a personal cloud storage device (for example ...
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Modify VM system configuration without turning it on. Will it be OK?

I am using Virtual Box. I make a Virtual machine with this specification: Base memory : 1024 MB Processor : 2 CPU OS : Ubuntu Everything is working well. Later on, I ...
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Create a fake RDNS resolution in Linux

I'm currently contributing at Mozilla Community IT, and I'm working with our infrastructure team to setup a puppet master. Puppet doesn't play nicely without RDNS resolving properly, but our cloud ...
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Peformance of Amazon EC2, what do I actually get? [closed]

I have read some articles about Amazon's Web Services and am interested in: Knowing exactly what I am getting (maybe some equivalent terms to a physical machine would be helpful) The "performance" ...
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fastest non volatile memory type available for High Performance Computing/ Cloud computing? [closed]

I am working on parallel computing and distributed programs and noticed that file i/o is quite a bottleneck. It seems quite clear this particular aspect is major issue in many high performance ...
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What is the difference? Dedicated Server Hosting/Cloud Hosting [closed]

I want to know which is more cost effective and powerful for hosting games and apps. As I understand it, a game console is powerful because it is a dedicated machine. On the other hand, I hear cloud ...
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What is the cloud? [duplicate]

I don't know if this question is suited for superuser or not, but it doesn't seem right for Stack Overflow. Basically I have been hearing a lot about the cloud, but I don't understand what exactly it ...
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How do I setup a cloud server to share and sync files on ESXi hosted environment? [closed]

I want to setup my private cloud network for my company for syncing and sharing files. Instead of using existing players like dropbox, google drive, amazon etc. I want to setup my own cloud ...
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How does Panda Cloud Antivirus work? [closed]

The question is simple, How does Panda Cloud Antivirus work? I mean how can it detect an infected file without having an offline database or sending the actual file to be checked by a remote server?
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Combining multiple linux boxes and create VMs out of it

I am running on Ubuntu. I have a set of linux machines (5 to 6 machines). Which I want to combine as a single resource pool and on demand create multiple virtual instances of machines out of it. ...
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