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Excel - How to migrate rows of data from multiple sheets into a consolidated sheet?

I am creating an Excel template wherein many people are entitled to encode their daily movements. They wanted each person to have their own sheet in the workbook to avoid editing others' accounts. ...
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Need to do collaborative editing of multi-node project with ownership of data and simple setup/workflow

I have a project to collaboratively create some content (RPG worldbuilding). Ideally that would be a multi-page setup (wiki or tree-based outline with individual docs) with the pages having formatted ...
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How to intelligently manage multiple documents with live references to each other that are edited by different groups of people?

Say that my organization has a document that has all of its quality management procedures. We also have a document that has all the technical operating instructions. There's also a third document that ...
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How to share screen (PDF) and webcam (of me) and tablet pen input (from surface)?

I am looking to teach a language, and need to share three things at once: Screen (usually PDF, but also video and/or audio streamed from web) I can do this on skype or zoom Webcam of me, concurrent ...
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In collaborative Word, see just my changes?

A couple dozen of my co-workers and I are editing the same large Word document. It pretty regularly happens that, when I try to save my changes to the server, Word tells me that something has gone ...
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Can the iPad Pro be used as input to a Linux computer?

I have a Linux desktop that I often use for online conferencing. In conferences I need to field questions, often aided by drawing diagrams. Up to now I've been doing this with a Wacom writing pad, ...
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Collaborate to create Anki decks [closed]

Not sure where to ask this question. It is not a software recommendation, more of a method recommendation. I am gonna try to administer a collaboration among 10-20 persons to create an Anki deck to ...
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Creating Shared OneNote Notebook for My Company

I'm working as a web developer contractor. Unfortunately I have found very little documentation in my new role. Is there any way to create a shared Microsoft OneNote Notebook so that my teammates and ...
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How to make different worksheets in an Excel workbook viewable to some users and not others?

I've been building out an Excel operating model for a company I work with and we're at a point where we want to share this model with their broader team. We're aiming for a few things... 1) Some ...
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Collaborative editing of Office documents: what options are there?

I'm looking for ways for a small team (3-4 people) to access and collaborate on several MS Office files (Word and Excel mostly). After researching for a bit, I see that I have the following options: ...
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Draw on Screen with Pen in Real Time

I am looking for the simplest way to make "drawings" while in online meetings (likely using Windows SketchPad) to demonstrate concepts to those watching My monitors are not touch screen. I was ...
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Collaborative Word 2016 without onedrive or sharepoint

We have an internal network (not connected to the internet) that we want to use Microsoft Word 2016 to collaboratively edit documents. Is there any way to do this without having a SharePoint server?
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MS Project 2016 real time collaboration (co-authoring)

MS Office 2016 has a great real time collaboration tool. Does anyone know is it working for MS Project 2016? If not what is the best way to work on the same MS Project file? Moreover when we open the ...
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Is there yet a solution that affords collaboration with two users, two cursors, one monitor?

I am looking for a solution that is similar in some ways to multiseat, but with one important difference: I want two (or perhaps n) users to be able to sit at the same monitor, sharing the same ...
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Excel 2010 : Best way to collaborate

We have an excel-sheet that should be editable by multiple users at the same time. I tried it with the sharing-functionality but it always displays the read-only message when someone else tries to ...
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Excel 2013 collaboration with Excel 2003

We have a Excel 2003 document that is saved as a shared workbook which works for Excel 2003, however it it also used by Excel 2013, I don't think Excel 2013 is working properly with the shared ...
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By use of what could an .xlsx file be collaboratively edited?

This question comes from a question asked yesterday here, the comments of which lead me to believe this separate question might be appropriate. To explain again: a small group of individuals have ...
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Collaborative use of bibtex as an online database (JabRef)?

I am thinking about a collaborative effort, where several people would need to insert data; for different reasons, it would be most convenient that this data is in bibtex format (the references format ...
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Collaborate over a LAN

A co-worker and I are required to build an HTML based website (no PHP, no, etc.). Is there anyway for us to work in the same files/projects across our LAN? Live edits would be the best, any ...
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How to use Office 2010's co-authoring tools?

Office 2010 is suppose to feature some interesting collaboration tools that supposedly allows for real-time co-authoring of documents similar to what Google Docs offers. However, when me and my friend ...
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What kind of communication system to use that is persistent, personal and ties into email? [closed]

Currently, our company mainly communicates using email. But as projects get more complicated, email is getting a bit of a burden, so we started looking for alternatives. Now you guys have probably ...
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Collaborative data modelling software?

I'm trying to find a tool where a lot of people can work on a data model collaboratively. Embarcadero has a an ER application called ER/studio which apparently comes with a repository system that ...
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Use a MOO/MUD/MUSH for project collaboration?

Jeff Atwood recently posted about working with a team of programmers remotely. He spoke of pros and cons and of communicating with the team. One of the comments to his article says: Jeff, have ...
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Where can I collaborate with my friend on source code in real time?

I mean, other than a conference room :) Using google docs, I can upload any kind of file and view it with other people, watch them edit it in real time, with a live chat happening in the same window. ...
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Anyone know a Windows application I can use to play music with others in real time?

Does anyone out there know of any Windows applications that would enable me to play music with others in real time? Specifically, I want to jam with other musicians for our personal enjoyment, ...
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