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This tag serves to propose questions to be added to the Community FAQ. Community FAQ questions are designed to be more generalized answers to questions which come up frequently on Super User.

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How does IPv4 subnetting work? [closed]

How does Subnetting Work, and How do you do it by hand or in your head? Can someone explain both conceptually and with several examples? Server Fault gets lots of subnetting homework questions, so we ...
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Corrupted graphics, crashes, and noisy GPU fan after updating NVIDIA GeForce drivers to 364.xx

I recently updated the drivers for my NVIDIA GeForce video card to version 364.72 (or other version in the 364.xx series), and I'm now experiencing issues such as the following: Games or other ...
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Graphics card and PSU requirement

Note: This is intended to become a canonical post. I got a dedicated graphics card of type XXX and it claims I need at least a YYY Watt PSU. How big does my PSU really need to be?
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Why is my USB drive showing corrupted data when plugged as an internal SATA drive?

I have a 3TB Seagate Backup Plus Desktop USB 3.0 drive, which works fine when in its enclosure, but when I get it off its enclosure and directly plug it as an internal SATA drive, it's just not ...
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Why do some AC adapters and power supplies generate a whining noise, and what can I do about it?

I have many different AC adapters and power supplies for a variety of devices, ranging from small 5V/1A USB chargers to laptop power adapters and desktop PSUs. However, I often hear a whining noise ...
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What exactly is the "Shellshock" vulnerability?

Concerning the Shellshock bug (aka "bash bug", CVE-2014-6271), can someone explain how this vulnerability works? Based on the test given in some posts (below), it looks like some type of injection ...
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How do I add VBA in MS Office?

I've seen posts showing answers which use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code/macros, however, I've also noted additional comments afterwards about how to use the VBA (how to implement and ...
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I have a failing hard drive. What do I do, and what information do you need?

I have a failing hard drive. There's a lot of information floating around on the Internet about what I can do to fix it. But there's also quite a bit of misinformation as well. What information do ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How do I create a dual/multiboot of Windows and GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, etc?

Because of reoccuring questions about dualboot of GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows, an authoritative general guide is needed as a reference for users asking about dualboot/multiboot. Necessary ...
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How do I reduce the file size of videos?

I need to reduce the file size of some of my HD videos, since I am running out of storage space. A lower resolution is acceptable, and other methods are welcome. I would prefer a GUI solution, as I am ...
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How do I group icons in the Start menu of Windows 8?

I love the new start menu of Windows 8 but I would like to be able to organize my icons into sections. How do I organize my app icons in Windows 8?
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4 answers

Do multi-core CPUs still suffer from diminishing returns in today's world?

It has been shown in other questions that due to the state of computer applications, multi-core processors suffer from diminishing returns. Is this still the case in today's world? Do most new ...
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3 answers

What files, file types, and folders to exclude from user folder backup?

When backing up a user and shared users folder using the backup software of your choice on the operating system of your choice what files, file types, and folders do you exclude from the backup?
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114 votes
5 answers

How should I choose my DNS?

When I have to choose my DNS I think that I should consider: Speed Reliability Privacy Control (reports and stats) The main options that come to my mind, and how I weigh them according to the above ...
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Making an all-in-one Windows 7 installer with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows?

Is it possible to create a Windows 7 installation disk that can install either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version from the same disk? I would like to be able to install any version and any architecture ...
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55 votes
4 answers

What are the various link types in Windows? How do I create them?

Is it possible to link two files or folders without having a different extension under Windows? I'm looking for functionality equivalent to the soft and hard links in Unix.
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4 answers

Where to find instructions for dismantling or servicing a laptop?

If I need to take apart or service the inside of my laptop, where can I find manuals and other information on how to do this?
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3 answers

How do I troubleshoot problems that occur during boot?

In the case that my computer would have issues with booting, what steps can I take to troubleshoot it?
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1 answer

Incremental image backup for Windows 7 [closed]

I'm looking for a backup program that does incremental backups and that I can use to completely image my main hard drive. For example I use the C:\ as my main drive and have E:\backups as my backup. ...
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3 answers

How do I create a memory dump of my computer freeze or crash?

As a lot of us encounter freezes or crashes, I am wondering how do I manually initiate a computer to freeze in order to create a memory dump to view and diagnose any issues that may be involved with ...
15 votes
9 answers

How to tell if a Windows computer has a 64-bit CPU or OS

How you can check if your Windows computer Has an x86 (32-bit) or x86-64 (64-bit) processor? Is running a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system?
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4 answers

Can anyone recommend a simple screenshot tool that can be installed as a portable app? [closed]

The printscreen button doesn't work on our university computers, so I'm looking for a simple free screenshot tool that can be installed on a USB drive. this question is similar:
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4 answers

How do I convert this filetype to pdf?

This question is coming back often, and the general answers are very often the same. In an objective to concentrate useful information in one place, here is a community wiki about it. How can I ...
1191 votes
13 answers

Find out which process is locking a file or folder in Windows

How can I find out which process is locking a file or folder in Windows? For instance, when trying to delete a folder, Windows reports this: The action can't be completed because the folder is ...
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What's the proper way to prepare chroot to recover a broken Linux installation?

This question relates to questions that are asked often. The procedure is frequently mentioned or linked to offsite, but is not often clearly and correctly stated. In an objective to concentrate ...
37 votes
5 answers

Can I trust a hard drive that has had to reallocate sectors?

I ran this HD utility called CrystalDiskInfo that displays some of the S.M.A.R.T. information on my drives. It is displaying a "Caution" warning on one of my drives because its "Reallocated Sectors ...
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Is there a way to do 'print screen' capturing areas off screen?

Sometimes I like to get a screen grab of a web page or application so that I can edit it for UI design purposes. Is there a way of getting a screen grab of the entire page (including ares which you'd ...
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48 votes
22 answers

Software to backup data and files on a Windows computer [closed]

I have data and files on my system, running Windows, and want to make sure that I don't lose all the data or information when it gets toasted, either by a power surge or corrupted medium. I've heard ...
9 votes
10 answers

Backup software for Mac OS X [closed]

Which backup software do you recommend for Mac OS X? As you probably know, Leopard comes with an integrated backup tool called Time Machine. It works pretty well despite it misses some advanced ...