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Can you go to a website by typing the IP address into the address bar?

As I'm learning about networks and DNS servers and what not... I'm curious, can you go to a website by typing the IP address into the address bar?
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How can Edge pop up a YouTube tab that I've got open in Chrome?

I use a number of browsers. One reason is that it (tries) to keep their caches separate. Naïve, I know - but it (mostly) works. However, when it doesn't, I'm curious why. So, I'm watching a YouTube ...
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Remapping keys for web-browing use

I would like to find a way to create keyboard shortcuts/button mappings for web browsing. I would like to: Close tabs via button click -- I want to be able to close tabs quickly without having to ...
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Web application shared on Facebook Messenger. Can I make it to use Chrome?

I'm developing a PWA, so it's supposed to be extremely mobile friendly. And it's a social app so the user has to share URLs a lot. But whenever a URL is shared on FB messenger, if we click on the URL, ...
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Copy web pages from browser including collapsed content? Or expand all collapsed content in a web page?

Does anyone know a trick, app or script that can copy an entire web page, including the collapsed parts, without manually clicking each expand link? I regularly have to copy (=download) my messages ...
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Certain websites keep logging me out (Chrome)

I use Chrome on a personal PC on which I am the only user. I am logged into several websites, all of them with the "stay logged in" tickbox checked. Even so, very often when I go back to ...
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How does one go about creating a P2P Javascript VPN like Hola VPN does?

I've been trying to build a P2P VPN that works entirely in the browser, mainly Javascript but mostly an addon such as the ones in Firefox and Chrome. The same thing like Hola VPN basically. What is ...
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Issue with managing the download of .dat file with Mozilla

I will try to format my question as much as I can. Apologies if It is unclear. Background : Mozilla corrupts the .dat file while downloaded using method from the application. It opens up ...
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If I delete Crossbrowse from my computer, will the bookmarks go with it?

Crossbrowse is a virus program that came with a file that I downloaded from the internet. It did not delete my Google Chrome, but it replaced its icon and it starts popping up automatically. It has ...
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"The proxy server is refusing connections" but I'm not using a proxy?

I was using Chrome normally then saw this message The proxy server is refusing connections which I didn't understand what it means, so I tried a few websites then tried Firefox and also IE but none of ...
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Have Firefox open video links in IE Metro possible?

Is it possible that I click a video link (youtube etc) in firefox and instead pf opening in another tab right there in ff, it opens up in IE metro mode? By either a script or a plugin or whatever?
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mailto behaves abnormally in Safari browser

I have Safari 5.1.7 installed on my system.I have installed and set default email client Mozilla Thunderbird. I have an application which has link like <a href="mailto:[email protected]">...
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Why does this PNG image display differently in Chrome & Firefox than in Safari and IE?

Check this image out: On Chrome and Firefox it will show as a pear. Now, try to save it and look at it saved on your desktop. Also, try viewing in Safari or Internet Explorer. It will display as ...
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Are there ways of preventing flash cookies from being cross-browser accessible?

I hope this is right place to ask. I'd wish that each browser in my computer (running in the same OS) had its own flash cookies ('Local Shared Objects') and were unable access each other's. Could it ...
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Overriding Access-Control-Allow-Origin restriction in Google Chrome

I make AJAX calls to URIs which belong to a different domain. Normally in IE I am able to do this via jQuery's CORS support. But this fails in Google Chrome irrespective where CORS support is set or ...
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How can I sync my bookmarks between browsers and computers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to sync bookmarks between Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on multiple computers? I currently use Xmarks, but it's going under (unless it's a publicity stunt) so I'm looking ...
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