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When I click CTRL+ALT+M i get pop up window macrium reflect

Thats what is happening on my new laptop, but on my PC because I'm working on some application and I coded ctrl alt m to get Menu window, and thats working but on my new laptop i get something like ...
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Best strategy to block concurrent button presses. Block spacebar while holding CTRL

So a few weeks ago I modified my mechanical keyboard to lube the switches, I broke the Left-ctrl key's contacts on the pcb making it a dummy switch. I have since ran jumpers from the left-ctrl to the ...
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BEBK G-13 mouse automatically start pasting data from clipboard

Mouse: BEBK G-13 mouse, This is a mouse with 6 buttons + joystick as well under the thumb... Issue: Mouse Suddenly start pasting the data from clipboard into any open windows in an infinite loop. ...
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CTRL locks when pressed

When I press CTRL it just locks and my PC thinks that the key is held. Then I press CTRL + ALT + DEL, ESC. After I press that combination everything works fine until I press CTRL again(sometimes it ...
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Control key not working after Qlipper configuration

My question looks a lot like this one : My control key doesn't work, how do I fix it? but I think the context is different because the solutions given do not work for me. Context I have a Linux VM ...
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Both Ctrl keys are not working on my laptop

I have a Lenovo ideapad 700 and both of my Ctrl keys are not working. Up to this point, I have tried for possible solutions. It can not be that both of my Ctrl keys are broken. I have checked updating,...
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Ctrl + z not working on visual studio code and not working by using no-screen keyboard, win-10

Control + z is not working in visual studio code. I have opened the VS code keyboard shortcut detector, ctrl can get detected, z can get detected, z+ ctrl can get detected, ctrl+ z failed. It seems ...
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How do you copy and paste large pdfs?

Copy and paste doesn't work on pdf files. I have a windows 10 machine. When I try ctrl+a'ing, copying, and pasting an entire 400 page document, it HIGHLIGHTS everything, but when I copy , I notice ...
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How can I make Ctrl+Del in Notepad on windows 7 delete just one word like in Windows 10?

I work in notepad on windows 7 and windows 10 but I noticed that the Ctrl+Del shortcut behaves differently in each system. Can I make the shortcut in the notepad on windows 7 delete only the next word?...
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Does Ctrl2Cap work with Windows 10

The old Unix environments, X-windows, and power text editors make extensive use of the Ctrl key. When running such environments & apps on modern era Windows laptops, e.g., perhaps via Cygwin, the ...
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Windows 7 Ctrl+Shift+Start/End/Page up/Page Down globally stops working after a while ... Putty?

I don't know how to narrow down this error. I need those key combinations. On Windows 7 with some editors like Notepad++. Only Chrome (+ Console), PSPad and Putty are in use. This issue is new since ...
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CTRL keys not working in Linux and Windows

Two or three months ago both laptop Ctrl keys stopped working. It is not a use problem since one key has been used more than the other and both are not working. At first, both keys started working ...
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CTRL + P not working on windows 7 laptop

One of the users in the business has lost the ability to print in their windows 7 environment on their laptop when pressing CTRL + P. Any ideas how I can resolve?
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How do Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V work?

I was always wondering what happens under the hood (in the operating system) when I copy an image (selecting it and using Ctrl+C) into a Word file (pasting it with Ctrl+V), for example.
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Disable ctrl+C on ssh batch code

I'm running an SSH server on windows 10 that autoruns a batch script. I'm trying to keep users from exiting out of the batch script and attaining access to the system. However the user can just enter ...
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how to disable ctrl+esc shortcut windows 10 [duplicate]

Pressing ctrl+esc opens the windows start menu.. I'd like to disable this shortcut but still have normal functionality of ctrl and esc individually. Is this possible?
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Windows 10 Behaves as if Ctrl Held Down

As of late, my desktop computer has begun behaving ~30-60 minutes after reboots as if I am holding down the control key indefinitely. I have seen this question, but its workarounds and solutions did ...
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Shift, fn, ctrl, alt, right and left touchpad isn't working

My notebook model is HP PROBOOK 640 G1 I Downloaded hp system image manager about a year ago. I extracted it and accidently opened thunderboltfirmware.exe after opening it it showed cmd-like window ...
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ctrl+c and ctrl-z not working in ssh session

I have opened a ssh session to remote computer using ssh root@<ip> I tried to run some program on remote machine. e.g. tail -f /var/log/log.txt But when i press ctrl-c or ctrl-z that ...
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Swap Fn and Ctrl keys on a Lenovo ThinkPad X200

Similar questions have been asked before and the easy fix was to just update the BIOS and use an option in it for swapping the keys. However, even with the most recent BIOS update from Lenovo, there ...
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Copy paste activates control button for keyboard shortcuts on windows 7

For two weeks now I have this problem that drives my insanity up - and my productivity doiwn: Whenever I copy paste with CTRL+C / CTRL+V, my computer keyboard behaves as if I had CTRL button pressed ...
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Allow opening a new tab with Ctrl+T on all websites in Firefox

In Firefox, certain websites and certain plugins appear to "capture" the "control" key, so that when I try to open a new tab using Ctrl+T, nothing happens - or worse, something unexpected happens. ...
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How to send ctrl key press with Auto Hotkey

I am trying to map a mouse button to mimic a single press of a ctrl key on the keyboard. (ctrl is used in a game I am playing to toggle displaying some extra info on the screen) I've tried this but ...
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How to swap ctrl and fn key on a MacBook Pro running Windows 7 via Boot Camp?

There are sooooo many discussion on the internet about swapping the fn and ctrl key on a MacBook Pro. On the Mac side, a new software called ReMap4MacBook does a perfect job swapping the two key. ...
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CTRL key is being pressed automatically

When I log into my Windows 7, the Ctrl key is being pressed automatically, even from the bootmenu. So, I am unable to choose the different options in the boot menu - as well as not being able to press ...
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Why are the keys named Ctrl & Alt? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the origins of the control and alt keys? I use these keys often as modifiers for shortcuts including the infamous copy and paste and some tab-switching but I don't ...
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How can I enable right-ctrl usage in VirtualBox?

I would like to be able to use right-CTRL inside the VM. I have the Guest Additions software installed, so I no longer need the right-CTRL feature to escape from the VM.
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What are the origins of the control and alt keys?

Crtl and alt have become common place on just about any computer keyboard sold anywhere in the world (I even saw a picture of them on a typewriter...). But what were these sacred modifier keys first ...
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Ctrl key combinations don't work on a hp 2510p

I have a tricky problem with my corporate Compaq hp 2510p, the ctrl key is not working properly at all times. I belive that it is hooked in some filter chain that processes certain ctrl+[key] ...
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