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Questions tagged [dash]

For question about the Dash applications dashboard. The Dash is used to search for and launch applications in Ubuntu and GNOME Shell. For the command-line shell, use the [dash-shell] tag.

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FFPLAY DASH error on start

i'll trying to play a DASH streaming on Google Media CDN with ffplay but i have this error: Failed to parse format-tag beginning with %010d$.m4s. Expected either a closing '$' character or a format-...
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Ubuntu 20.04 - How can i display the Dock on selected screens individually and Dock have different locations on each monitor?

My attached picture I use Ubuntu 20.04 LTS I have 3 monitors I use Dash to Dock and dconf. As shown in the attached picture: Screen number 1 is the main screen. I am setting up Dock at screen ...
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Set PATH for a Linux GUI Application

Here's the setup: I'm running MX Linux I'm trying to work on a React Native application in Android Studio React Native relies on NodeJS (and thus the node executable) to be available Android Studio ...
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Let ash pick up /home/user/.profile when invoked as non-interactive shell

I have an Alpine-based container that offers sshd for an account user. The container's /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys invokes a specific command: command="ash -lc /usr/local/bin/" ...
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macOS Catalina: point /bin/sh to a different shell

I need some Bash 4.x features in my shell on macOS Catalina, and my scripts must run on Dash /bin/sh, which by default points to Bash 3.x. However, there seems no way to point Dash to my homebrew Bash ...
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FFplay can't play facebook livestream

I try to play facebook livestream dash url I got from facebook with ffplay. However, I cannot play this stream. Here is a sample playlist I got from facebook. <?xml version="1.0"?> <MPD ...
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Youtube-dl: Decrypt and/or play MP4 - PlayReady/DRM/cenc/dash

A Video-file is downloaded with youtube-dl based on mpd-file. However ffmpeg post-processor fails to convert it to playable mp4. The file downloaded with youtube-dl is encrypted. Is there a ...
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Double (or more) dash turned to one, while typing (Mojave)

After following the suggestions here How to stop Mac to convert typing double dash to emdash? and disabling Smart quotes and dashes and even replacing the text of -- to --, when I try to type a double ...
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Applications shown as "Unknown" on Debian 10/Gnome 3.30.2

When launching application, some of them show up as "unknown", both in the dock and in the top bar. This persists regardless if they are launched from dash or through a terminal. If launched from the ...
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Creating Python venv for running a dash application on PythonAnywhere

I am trying to create a Python venv to include packages like dash so I can deploy a dash application on PythonAnywhere. I was unable to follow the PythonAnywhere instructions for creating a virtual ...
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CSS version of materialize css not available

import dash from dash.dependencies import Output ,Input import dash_core_components as dcc import dash_html_components as html import plotly ,random import plotly.graph_objs as go from collections ...
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Issues deploying Dash to Google App Engine python3 runtime

I am trying to deploy a very basic Dash app to GAE using the Python 3 flexible runtime, but the deployment always fails with: “ERROR: ( Error Response: [13] An internal error ...
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Can ffmpeg support creating DASH "availabilityStartTime" with milliseconds?

I'm currently trying to use FFMpeg to capture my webcam , output it to dash and stream it live. I noticed that the "availabilityStartTime" parameter created in the MPD file is without the milliseconds ...
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On Ubuntu 18.04, snap apps don't appear in the Dash

I just installed Ubuntu 18.04 and a few snap apps (Slack, Spotify). Snap apps don't show up in the regular "app list" when I search for an app, and I don't understand why. I'm running zsh, so I found ...
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How to bring Firefox icon on the dash in Debian?

I have downloaded the latest version of Firefox. Everytime I want to browse the Internet, I have to go to the Firefox folder and double-click on Firefox there. When I search for the browser in Debian, ...
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With Ubuntu 12.04 unlike 11.04 Wine installed application start menu links are missing

With Ubuntu 12.04 and wine 1.4 unlike ubuntu 11.04 with wine 1.2.2 installed application start menu links are missing. For instance with Ubuntu 11.04 including Wine I can install one of our Windows ...
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Application that doesn't stick to launcher in dash in Gnome Shell

I have installed Komodo Edit 7.0.2 and had to create a custom .desktop file in order to launch it from the Gnome Shell dash - see Everything was working fine: one click ...
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