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How to create a shortcut in Microsoft Outlook to send en email the next morning

I am trying to achieve the following task : It sometimes happen that I work a bit too late on the evening. I think it is a good practice not to send emails at anytime during the evening/night if there ...
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After upgrade to WIndows 10 version 2004 boot time has increased by more than 3 minutes

I have HP Pavilion 300-010in Mini Desktop PC. It came loaded with Windows 8. Upgraded to Windows 10. Was working very well till Windows 10 version 1909. After upgrade to Windows 10 version 2004 boot ...
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Slow midnight commander startup

OS: Ubuntu 18.04. I'm midnight commander user. When i starts terminal and then type "mc", it starts immediately. But i don't want to type it every time i open terminal. So i added "mc" to end of ....
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What are the delays of speakers connected through AUX cable?

I need to know the delay between programmatically running the sound and actually having it played from the speakers, which are connected to the computer through the AUX 3.5mm cable. How can I learn ...
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2 answers

What exactly does the Avast "remind me next century" option actually do?

When Avast needs to restart your computer after a program update, it provides an option to remind you "next century": Based on anecdotal responses to it that I've come across, it definitely doesn't ...
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Windows repeatedly delays keystrokes

I have a really weird problem, and Googling didn't get me to an answer regarding what could be the cause or even a solution: I am using a Windows PC with Windows 10 and an Apple Desktop Keyboard ...
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Win7 x64 rogue program pinpointing?

I've got a laptop that has what appears to be a command prompt pop up and vanish, whenever it connects to the net. I can repeat it, by turning off/on wifi, it flashes up and vanishes too fast to see, ...
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2 answers

Is there an elegant way to start a program at certain time after boot / time delayed start up?

is there any elegant way to start a program 5 minutes after boot? for example start : Start chrome 5 minutes after boot Start Outlook 15 minutes after boot Start BlueStacks 20 minutes after boot ...
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0 answers

using pam_mount in WLAN setting

I thought this should be a simple exercise here, but obviously I couldn't find a solution, yet. I use KDE on Ubuntu 12 LTS. I want to use libpam-mount to mount a nfs share to a directory within user's ...
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How do I delay the launch of a program

For security reasons - I need my firewall to be set up correctly before any program that uses the internet is started - I would like to delay the manual launch of any program by, say 50 seconds. Do ...
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1 answer

how can i set a delayed hibernation on windows XP?

this is working for me to set a delayed shutdown: shutdown -s -t 1000 this is working for me to hibernate my pc: %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState but i cant delay a ...
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OS X trackpad click-to-drag delay

I am so frustrated with the trackpad behavior in OS X. If you turn on "click to drag" with "drag lock" OFF there is still a delay where the mouse is "locked" in drag mode. That is, if I double click ...
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1 answer

Delay on using fn key programs

For some reason, even when my computer is not doing anything (CPU usage is about 10% ish) using my function key programs (calculator, backlight, volume etc) take about 3 seconds to go through. No ...
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17 votes
6 answers

Shutting down Windows 7 automatically 10 minutes from now

Is there a way to make Windows 7 do this: "10 minutes from now, close all applications and shut down (or hibernate), no matter what input you get from the keyboard or the mouse"? It's OK if the user ...
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7 answers

Delay Windows programs launching at boot?

On Windows XP I use 18 programs. In startup it makes 2-3 minutes to load all of them. Anti virus, translator, unlocker, file indexer, download manager, instant messenger etc.. I need all of them and ...
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