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Dia is a free and open source general-purpose diagramming software. It is available on Windows, Linux and MAC OS X. It has, among other things, support to draw UML sequence and state diagrams.

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How to resolve Dia Diagram Editor display faults?

Consider the following diagram made with dia 0.97+git (0.97.3+git20160930-8): The line (actually an arc) between the circles should not protrude into the circle (left side) and should connect fully ...
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Class's attribute are placed together in dia uml creator

I downloaded dia uml creator from its site.I have created simple class but why some my text attribute are placed together? I am using dia.exe 0.97.2 version
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Dia UML: create parent child relation betwen objects

When using Dia to create an UML diagram, how to mark an object as the child of another object ? Example: One "big package" One "object" I would like to mark the object as the son of the package.
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1 vote
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How do I enter special characters in text mode in dia?

How do I enter special characters in text mode in dia? I am talking about the Greek characters like (alpha, beta, gamma or epsilon) or other mathematical symbols. I am using dia in Ubuntu, if that is ...
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Snap arrows to center of circle (ellipse) in Dia

In Dia, however hard I try, I can not put my arrow ends to the center of a circle (ellipse). See this diagram here. For the top arrow, however hard I try to move the end to circle center (on a grid), ...
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16 votes
6 answers

How can I make fit the diagram in the page?

I know that I can make Dia to fit a diagram into a page of a fixed size: But I want the resulting / exported pdf-page to have no border. Currently, I use pdfcrop for this task, but I would like to do ...
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4 answers

How to make arrow straight forward in dia?

My picture: Is there any way to tune that arrow connect straight? If I change the size of "Known Objects", that will make the upper arrow not straight. How to fix it?
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Create alias (desktop shortcut) of an application installed by Macports

I just installed Dia using macports. Now, I need to place the shortcut in the Apps folder and also make the executable available in the Spotlight search. How can I do that?
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