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For questions about letters with diacritical marks, like é and ç; how to type/enter them and how to make sure they're displayed correctly.

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How to type a (double) quote in Slack for Windows

In most (if not all) Windows apps if I type a (double) quote it does not immediately appear and waits for the next character. If a vowel, it will turn into a diacritic like ü or é, if a space (or ...
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How to make Windows 10 search bar diacritic-insensitive?

Typing without diacritics (in languages that use it) is often much faster/more convenient. Is there an option that allows making the search bar insensitive to diacritics? For example, so that typing "...
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Writing diacritics: Synergy and WinCompose don't go together well

I figured the easiest way for me to write diacritics was a US keyboard and the compose key. It works natively on Linux and I installed WinCompose on my Windows 10 machine to make my writing experience ...
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How can I generate combining characters on windows? [duplicate]

A while ago I asked this question on SO where I found out about combining characters and how for alt+777 you get ○ on most editors and ̉ on skype, which can be combined with a previous character and ...
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How do I disable automatic diacritics?

I have been given a new work computer, and it exhibits some additional functionality that is slowly becoming a nuisance. The computer supports automatic diacritics; for example, if I type an ...
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Is there a choose accented characters à la Android, without resorting to Alt + xxxx codes?

I'm looking for a solution to type accented characters as simply as on Android: Currently, I have to use either the ALT sequence (eg. ALT + 0201 to get É) or Windows' Charmap utility, but Android's ...
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QWERTY keyboard layouts with French characters?

I know about US International with dead keys that uses dead keys like ' ` ^ " before typing the letter with the diacritic. Are there other QWERTY layouts with all French diacritic characters (à, â, é,...
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Issues with win key and right alt key after Windows Update (Polish diacritical signs not working)

I've got a problem that occured to me out of nowhere. Today in the morning, as I logged in to my computer at work I cannot input Polish diacritical signs. For example rAlt + A should give Ą but ...
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Windows 7: Italian Keyboard: Typing capitalized accented vowels

I am running Windows 7 on a computer with an Italian keyboard. Such a keyboard has keys for producing the lowercase accented grave characters à, è, ì, ò, ù, and it is also possible to produce the ...
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How to display text in UTF8 from mysql /phpmyadmin?

I have a database with multiple tables. The database and table and every row of table is set to utf8_romanian_ci. Every name which I import that contains diacritics will not be displayed correctly. ...
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Incremental search for un/accented characters

Does emacs have an incremental search mode, where searching for a character will search for itself and for any other versions of the character with accent marks, similar to how Google Chrome (at least ...
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Cannot write diacritics

I'm not sure what I did to break this functionality, as I haven't installed or removed any software recently, nor have I messed with registry, sensitive files nor settings. I cannot write any ...
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word won't put diacritics before other character is typed

I've got a problem with one of the computers I use (running Win7 Pro x64 with Office 2007). Word won't let me type any diacritics (like AltGr+a = ą, AltGr+e = ę, etc) before any other character is ...
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How to write czech diacritics on en_US keyboard

Is it possible to write some of the czech specific symbols using english (en_US default) keyboard? ě š č ř ž á í é I need to be able to write the ˇ and ' symbols. Right now I am switching english/...
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Pressing an accent key (´ / ˇ) adds the character twice in most programs

This might seem as duplicate of Pressing key with accent character makes it enter twice but it is not: About three days ago, the issue started - I am using Slovak (Slovakia) keyboard, and the key for ...
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How to fix diacritic issue on command prompt?

Simplified issue: I have a file called Bíblia sagrada.exe (note the í) on C:\ of my computer. When I open a command prompt on C:\ and execute dir /b /on B*.*, it will return: Bíblia sagrada.exe i....
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Is it possible to enter macron (ā) and caron (ǎ) diacritics with USA international keyboard?

I know how it is possible to enter acute (á), grave (à), circumflex (â), and tilde (ã) diacritics with US international keyboard. You just enter one of the symbols ('`^~) and then a vowel. Is it ...
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How to preserve diacritics when cross-mounting drives to Windows7 and Linux

A friend backed up an in accessible Windows 7 partition to a big (close to 1TB) external USB drive using KNOPIX. Unfortunately the umlauts and accents in the file names of his extensive music ...
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