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installing DirectX 9 on Windows 10 (i5 8600k 16GB 3200 RAM 512GB SSD GTX1060)

I wanted to run the Nvidia CUDA samples for my GTX1060 using Visual Studio 2017 Community. Mostly this was straightforward; I downloaded the CUDA samples, opened VS 2017 using the supplied "2017.sln" ...
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Disable display hardware acceleration on windows 10

On Windows 10 the "windows 10" "display adapter troubleshooter" is often unavailable (depending on graphics driver). How do I disable hardware acceleration in such case? Reason is to avoid windows ...
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Can I update Direct3D?

When I try to open NBA2K17 game, there is a window with some information: "Graphics card with DirectX 10.0 feature set or lower detected. This application requires Direct3D 11 installed, running a ...
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Cannot run games in fullscreen after installing USB graphics adapter

I purchased a USB 3.0 graphics card to get around my graphic card's limitation that only allows two active monitors at once. It works perfectly fine and now I'm able to use three monitors at once. ...
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How to enable Direct3D acceleration for 32bit applications in Windows 8?

Now I know that this issue has been discussed much around the web but most of the solutions focus Windows XP and/or are outdated. Some suggest updating video drivers, some say editing specific ...
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DirectX error on Watch Dogs (game) in windows 8.1 and NVIDIA image preview on configuration is missing?

i recently buyed a new laptop: HP Envy 15-J108LA. i have been using it for 2 weeks now and been playing these 2 games withought ANY problem: watch dogs and Tera Rising. then one day tera would give me ...
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Force Direct3D anti-aliasing in a Direct3D game?

Some old games look really jagged nowadays on large displays without any anti-aliasing, but don't have any option built-in to the game to enable it. On a PC with an NVIDIA graphics card, it's ...
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Direct3D crashes dxdiag in 32-bit but works fine in 64-bit mode

DxDiag crashes when I open it unless I bypass Direct3D. It works fine in 64-bit mode. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M, and I've tried updating (also uninstalling, reinstalling) my drivers. I've also ...
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Disable DirectDraw, but still have Direct3D?

I have a Windows XP SP3 machine, with up-to-date patches. It has DirectX 9.0c, version number Can I disable DirectDraw, but have Direct3D still active? I read the Wikipedia articles ...
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Why didn't OpenGL pervail? [closed]

If somebody could give a lengthy and in-depth explanation (or a link to an article) as to why OpenGL never took off, but instead Direct3D/DirectX became dominant in the gaming sector it'd be much ...
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Enabling Direct3D on XP using Older NVidia cards

I'm having a really hard time figuring this one out and could use some advice: I have 5 machines with XP SP3 installed all using the same setup. They all have NVidia 8600 GT video cards, DirectX 9c ...
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Software to capture 3d geometry?

Programs I found I found these programs to capture OpenGL 3D scene : 3D Ripper, OpenGL and D3D geometry capture, there are some solved problems with 3D Ripper GLIntercept captures OpenGL function ...
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Does Microsoft MultiPoint Server 2011 support hardware 3D acceleration and dual-head?

I know the original purpose is different, but could MultiPoint be used for gaming as well? update this seems to be rather neglected, but what about audio? Does MultiPoint Server support more then one ...
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Why are Direct3D-based applications freezing when launched / closed?

Every time I start a game or application that uses DirectX (specifically Direct3D) in any way shape or form, the screen freezes for about 30-40 seconds. Everything then seems to work normally. The ...
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