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How do I get rid of this black bar under docky on xfce?

I'm running xfce on ubuntu 18.04 via vnc on a headless machine. When I run docky or plank, I have this black bar under it. I've found some info online which says I needed to disable shadows under ...
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My icons, mouse pointer etc are small on in Gnome on Ubuntu 14.04. How can I fix this?

My mouse pointer and toolbar icons (quit, minimize, maximize) are really small in Gnome on Ubuntu 14.04: ..even after I set the scaling factor as: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface ...
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How to get really rid of uninstalled Linux applications?

I uninstalled docky, now I got this message in xsession errors: cinnamon-session[2256]: WARNING: Failed to start app: Unable to start application: Failed to execute child process "docky" (No such ...
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Per-user Chrome/Chromium Plank/Docky icon?

I've been using Plank as a primary dock. I was able to get individual webpages to inhabit their own plank icon by: Menu -> More Tools... -> Create Application Shortcuts, then adding the ...
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Linux WindowMaker/Docky padding issue

I've recently made the switch to a custom Ubuntu installation (replacing Unity with WindowMaker). Everything works fine, except I have issues handling the windows while Docky + compositing (I already ...
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Run a bash script from docky

Using docky under ubuntu, I want to be able to run bash scripts. When I drag and drop a script from nautilus to docky, the script appears on docky. But clicking on the script icon opens the script ...
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Docky shows default launcher icon on ubuntu

I am using docky on Ubuntu. I want to have a launcher for intellij in my docky bar, but I have an issue. No matter which method for adding the launcher to the dock I use, the intellij icon specified ...
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Does docky support gnome-do-like functionality?

I've been a big fan of gnome-do with the docky theme, but it seems quite clear that the app itself is dead. On the other hand, docky is looking really slick! Recently, my gnome-do config got messed up,...
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Can't install "Docky" theme?

So to install a theme for Docky on Ubuntu I had to extract the theme from the Archive Manager via root to /usr/local/share/docky/themes. I did this but it didn't show up in the theme choices. Then I ...
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How do I use Chrome (Linux) application launchers in Docky alongside regular Chrome windows?

When I have multiple Chrome windows open, Docky correctly groups them into one icon on the dock. However, what I want to do is launch a Chrome application launcher (with the --app= command line ...
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How to make Docky appear over other windows

I installed Docky in Ubuntu and I have it set to autohide. One problem is that if a window is maximized, then the docky is blocked. In order to see it, I have to unmaximize or moved windows. Can docky ...
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Is there a way to get docky to launch a new instance?

So i'm really loving the whole gnome-do/docky thing. My question is that on other docks, you can hold down a modifier key to launch a new instance rather then switching to an already opened instance ...
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