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Questions tagged [exact-audio-copy]

Exact Audio Copy is a proprietary CD ripping utility with the emphasis on accuracy.

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Change album title and genre using additional command-line in Exact Audio Copy

The version of my Exact Audio copy is V1.3 I'm trying to change the genre and album title of the CD track using the additional command-line in Extact Audio Copy, but I'm not succeeding. 1 - Original ...
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Music database identifier (e.g. MBID) in EAC FLAC/Vorbis metadata

I want to … … rip Audio CDs with FLAC output using Exact Audio Copy (EAC). … include an universally unique identifier for the exact release (specific label/year/country/etc.), additionally to common ...
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Rip CD as one mp3 at 320 bitrate using Exact Audio Copy

I can do individual tracks at 320 using the compression settings. However, when I try to rip a CD as one track(i.e. compressed image), it's always something less than 320. There seems to be no setting ...
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How to correct scaling / font in dialogs of application settings

I recently had some kind of corruption during Windows 10 updates and my computer wouldn't start. I was able to reinstall Windows 10 successfully, and am in the process of re-installing some programs ...
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Exact Audio Copy: some tracks of a brand new CD cannot be verified as accurate (using different setups)

I have just bought a brand new CD and I wanted to make a rip of it, since I usually listen to my favourite albums through a lossless portable DAC. The CD is therefore perfectly shiny and flawless, ...
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How can mp3tag be used to generate playlists with the naming scheme of Exact Audio Copy?

I'm using Exact Audio Copy V1.1 and mp3tag V2.71 on Windows 8.1. I like the character replacement approach of EAC for filenames. For each of the characters "\/:*?<>|, a replacement character ...
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Does Exact Audio Copy support any scripting in filename construction?

In some media players including (MPC, foobar2000) it is possible to format the output of a playlist by using if control structures to select certain meta tags based on their presence, or others if ...
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Store temporary WAV files on local disk with Exact Audio Copy (EAC)

Using EAC I am storing FLAC files on a NAS drive. EAC rips a WAV file first then creates a FLAC file and then deletes the WAV file. When selecting the NAS drive for storage of the FLAC files, the WAV ...
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Program / Script / Method to rename EAC-ripped album of MP3s using Masks

tl;dr: skip to last paragraph I’ve recently changed the filename format that I use in Exact Audio Copy when ripping CDs. I have changed it so that for various-artist CDs, the track number then CD ...
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Having Trouble Ripping Some CD's

When I buy CD's I tend to rip them to FLAC right away. When ripping I use Foobar2000 or Exact Audio Copy and enable secure ripping which uses error correction. Recently I bought a 2 CD compilation ...
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EAC & FLAC: The cue sheet can be applied to which file?

I just encoded a CD to FLAC with the help of EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and I was wondering if the cue sheet can be used for the .wav file only or for the .flac file to? The CD is encoded into a single ...
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How can I stop new Command Prompt windows spawned by another program from covering my foreground window?

Under Windows 7 x64, when I'm ripping CDs with Exact Audio Copy, it spawns a Command Prompt window each time it invokes the external MP3 compression program I use, LAME. While that's going on, I ...
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