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Prevent users from exiting software [closed]

I put a computer in public service. I want users to be unable to exit a certain software Do you know any software or another way to do this for me?
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How do I exit form "Failed validating schema (@jupyterlab/apputils-extension:package)" in Jupyter lab?

I am trying to access jupyter lab using ssh. I am fallen in this error message shown in the image that I attach: It is a similar problem reported in this StackOverflow post. My problem now is: how do ...
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The ezstream service quits unexpectedly

I have Icecast started at boot, running in the background, thus: # systemctl status icecast2 ● icecast2.service - LSB: Icecast2 streaming media server Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/icecast2; ...
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How to call .bash_logout on CentOS

I'm trying to call my own .bash_logout on CentOS when a user logs out. However, even when an 'exit' command is sent, .bash_logout is NOT called/executed (it just logs out). On CentOS, when I type '...
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What is the possible cause of a Windows batch command preventing all subsequent commands to execute?

I have a simple bat file that does the following: openapi-generator generate -i open-api-offline-file.json -g csharp-netcore -c open-api-config.json -o DataLakeOpenApiRestClient REM customizing ...
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What is a keyboard shortcut for closing a Windows PowerShell window?

I have opened an empty Windows PowerShell window, and have not yet entered any commands into the window. The default, unchanged directory is my user account folder. I want to close the window with a ...
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How to reliably remove all temporary files created in a script?

Is it possible to trap the exit/return of a function? For a program I could do trap -- "clean_this" EXIT That would execute the function clean_this when the program exits. I would like to do ...
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bash trap in background functions

Calling a function in a script in background - using '&', the function is called in a subshell. When the function ends, the subshell ends, with an exit status. I would like to trap the exit signal ...
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How do I quit / exit / stop Xcode Server?

I have this little hammer up next to volume, power, time, etc. How do I make it go away? The options menu is grayed-out. No menu item to shut it down that I can find.
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What is the difference between ~. (tilde dot) and "exit" when exitting an SSH connection

Whenever I have a backgrounded X11 connection in an SSH session, I must use ~. and not exit to exit the ssh session. What is the difference here? Can I always use the escape sequence ~. ?
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On Windows, how can I gracefully ask a running program to terminate?

On Unix or Linux, it's easy to gracefully ask a running application to terminate: you send it the SIGTERM signal. If its process ID is 1234, you can simply run kill 1234 or kill -s TERM 1234 or kill ...
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cmd-Difference between quit and exit

If you type telnet in cmd, you will have to type quit to get out of there, but if you type wmic, both quit and exit will work. Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Client Escape Character is 'CTRL+]' ...
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GIMP Close edited image without asking for confirmation

I was able to disable the confirmation dialog when closing an image. I successfully did so at a previous version of GIMP but apparently an update to GIMP 2.8.14 (on Arch Linux) disabled it and I can't ...
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Shell script: ssh to remote machine, then exit: 'exit' does not work

I have a shell script of the following type: #!/bin/bash ssh [email protected] echo "Hi" exit I run it locally to do something on a remote server (represented by 'echo "Hi"'). However, ...
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Does Tor need more Relay node or Exit nodes? [closed]

If I have free bandwidth, am I better off sharing as a relay node or exit node? Trying to help the Tor network
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How to exit MySQL command prompt?

I have installed MySQL. Now I am stuck inside the MySQL command prompt. I ran MySQL like this: C:\>mysql.exe mysql> Then I type in some invalid command like this: mysql> /version -> ...
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When I grep no particular file the terminal stops working

I'm learning how to use the shell. In playing around with some basic commands I encountered an issue. This is pretty basic stuff and I apologize if that upsets some folk. On my desktop there exists a ...
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Why would Firefox put anything in the clipboard on exit?

I have an Autohotkey script that gets triggered whenever image data (not text or other data types) is copied to the clipboard. When I close Firefox, the script gets triggered. This doesn't make any ...
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Vista 64x Window Mail won't close the WinMail.exe process when exiting

I've been running Windows Mail fine on my Windows Vista 64 computer for several years. A few days ago, for no apparent reason, it began failing to stop its WinMail.exe process whenever I'd exit the ...
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Windows "Exit Explorer" option missing

I'm looking to gracefully exit/terminate Windows Explorer either from the UI or possibly from the command line. There are many articles out there which explain how to do this in various versions of ...
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exit code 128, what's the reason?

As per definition exit code 128 means 'invalid exit argument'. But i always get 255 (Exit status out of range) in case argument is invalid like float number. Is this the proprietary implementation ...
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How can I execute a shell script without exit? (Mac OS X)

I'm making a shortcut icon on my Dock which opens a terminal window with some preconfigured environment variables. I made a script and dragged it into my Dock. It runs well, however it exits ...
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Pipe grep exit code away

When I need to suppress some kind of output e.g. foo | grep -v bar But foo gives sometimes only: bar bar bar... grep will return -1. How do I transform the exit code 1 to 0?
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How do I close the Terminal in OSX from the command line?

Why doesn't "exit" close a window on Mac OS X? $ exit logout [Process completed] Is there a way to close the window without using the mouse?
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