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Is it possible to file down the side of an expansion slot to fit a bigger card

I want to use a PCIe x8 SSD on a motherboard with only an x1 slot open. Can I just file down the side of the card or the slot to fit it in?
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I have found that %path% variable expansion doesn't work for nested variables -- is this expected, and if so why? [duplicate]

So after installing sql, python, node and a bunch of other server like things on my dev machine I ran into an issue where my path variable had exceeded the max string limit; in order to handle that I ...
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VS Code does not expand variables in its settings

Is it the expected behaviour that VS Code does not expand variables in its settings? My example: I need to configure Remote.SSH: Config File to point to a file relative to my home directory. Verbatim ...
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Is it possible to expand Intel NUCs using many as a single computer? Will Windows also be able to handle it?

Is it possible to expand this and really use as a single computer? Will Windows handle it?
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WD NAS PR4100 - Expansion - Upgrade Drive Capacity

I've searched on this topic for a while before I bought my new drives. First I tried cloning the drives; that didn't work. So I did the "preferred" method. Replace and rebuild each drive in ...
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Expanded variable inside another expanded variable via

Is there any way to insert one expanded variable into another expanded variable, via variable substitution, within a batch file? For example... Assuming 2 files (fileone.dll and filetwo.dll) in the ...
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How to move locations of Quick Access items to another drive?

When adding another drive to add more storage space to my system, I want to keep Windows on the original drive, and move Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, et al., to the new drive (in this ...
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Old school boom box input equivalent using SoX

I used to have a cassette tape/radio unit (boom box format) device. I used to use this to record mix tapes from my dual turntable and mixer setup. The resulting tapes were - for me - ideal for playing ...
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What is the meaning of asterisk, backslash, colon and two in (*\:2)?

What is the meaning of following ls command? ls -l *\:2,*T ls = list -l = long (list) *T probably means T at the end But what about that *\:2 and the comma?
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Excel 2010 Formatting Challenge

I am having problems with cells not automatically expanding with wrapped text in Excel 2010. My rows contain simple formulas pulling data from another worksheet and the rows are formatted with ...
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Can installing a expansion slot fan to blow on a graphics card with a fan already damage that card in any sort of way

I am having issue with a graphics card that uses silent (passive) cooling until it hits a certain temperature. I can manipulate the card fan usage in windows but I primarily use linux and I as of yet ...
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Expanding PCI slots beyond original motherboard

Do machines exist with PCI(-e) slots and nothing else, which I could then connect to my main machine through an external port e.g. USB-C? The idea is that if I put too many video cards in my computer ...
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Find substring from a array of patterns

I have a file with extensions: I have an array containing a list of extensions: exts=(sh pl py) I want to remove the extensions in exts from the filename's. Is there a ...
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ffmpeg local expansion and running a command within

Big time n00b question.. I just can't quite figure out what I'm doing wrong. Here is my .bat file: @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL set /p Input= Drop file here, and click enter. set file=%Input% FOR %%i IN (%...
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How to construct a proper command string in bash? Quoting issues, I think

I have a very newbie question, I am sure. I am trying to construct a script to edit the internal EXIF timestamps of a number of JPG photo files, using the commandline exiftool utility. My actual ...
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How can i use my optical bay for more connecting port?

I saw online, people use for more storage their optical bay. they remove it and replace with ssd or Hdd. I searched online but noting found. Is there any way to using my SATA port to multiple usb or ...
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HP Pavilion Media Center, motherboard P5LP-LE (Leonite), memory expansion

I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to upgrading computers (have replaced power supplies and graphics cards, but that's it). The computer above comes with 2Gb (2x1GB PC2-5300 MB/sec) occupying two ...
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Is it possible to print out the shell expansion?

I know there is a specific set of rules that shell expand the commands user typed. (let's talk about bash shell.) Is it possible to print out a command in the form after shell expansion? It seems to ...
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Is it safe to stop a RAID 5 expansion?

I'm having some issues expanding a RAID 5 array on a Synology DS413. The drive has gone from 3 x 3TB WD Green drives to 4 x 3TB. I started an expansion operation and it's been stuck at about 60% and ...
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Bash parameter Expansion: Best practices for speed?

I was just wondering if anybody knows any best practices or if there is any documentation about this topic: The scenario is searching / grepping in the log files. To make my point I will use ls. So ...
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What is the brown slot near the CPU socket on a Pentium 1 motherboard, and what is it used for?

What is this slot called and what is it for on a Pentium 1 motherboard? Here I give you the Asus P/I-P55T2P4 rev 2.1 board:
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How do I use the Expansion Bay on the Asus Essentio CM6850

There is a panel on the front cover for an Expansion Bay, however it is very shallow and I don't see any evidence of wiring installed. What can it be used for?
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How do I properly architect my home network expansion?

I have FIOS verizon on 1 router w/wifi connected to 6 wireless devices, 1 network printer & 3 wired computers. I want to add to my network, NAS storage (cloud access), 4 FIOS TV'S, Home Theatre, ...
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duplicate a single file to a list of files

I'd like to know if it is possible to duplicate a single file to multiple files with a different list of arguments. I have a generic image and I need to make multiple copies of it adding a different ...
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Expand Synology SHR volume with varying disk sizes

I'm looking for a clarification on SHR and how it handles expanding a volume when the volume contains varying disk sizes. I've read the Synology Documentation and it still isn't clear, because their ...
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Is a PCIE X1 card for USB 3.0 worth it?

I have a portable HDD on USB 3.0, and soon I'll have a 32gb flash drive on USB 3.0 as well. My motherboard is pretty old - and the next time I'll upgrade it is when I get a new CPU/mobo/ram. Slots ...
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Is it possible to use brace expansion and globbing together?

Say I wanted to copy the .ssh/authorized_keys file in each user's /home directory to /tmp (for whatever reason). I figured I could use globbing and brace expansion to do this quickly, but I ran into ...
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Brace expansion : run several commands instead of expanding on one line?

When you use brace expansion in bash, something like echo {a,b,c} becomes echo a b c Is there a way to expand it to 3 separate commands, one for each expansion, instead? So that: echo {a,b,c} ...
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how to expand aliases inline in bash?

Is there a way to expand aliases inline in bash? $bash>alias ll='ls -l ' $bash>ll<tab> $bash>ls -l
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What is really happening with bash backticks?

I've always thought of backticks in bash as "execute the output of 'some_command'." What is happening in the following... consider a script that prints the following text: export PS1="[...
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Can I keep . and .. out of .* expansion?

I often find it annoying (or worse) when I type command .* in bash and the command applies to the parent directory and current directory. Is there some shell option or other configuration I can ...
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RAID 5 configuration and future expansion

I am building a PC to act as a file server among other things, and I was wondering whether it is a good idea to create 2 partitions on the RAID 5 array, one for OS one for data, or to have a separate ...
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