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Is it possible to file down the side of an expansion slot to fit a bigger card

I want to use a PCIe x8 SSD on a motherboard with only an x1 slot open. Can I just file down the side of the card or the slot to fit it in?
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Can M.2 slots be combined? (And other questions) [closed]

I'm looking around on google for information about M.2, chiefly regarding using it for eGPUs, but information is scattered and I'm not really getting anywhere with it. I need some help. -M.2 slots can ...
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Will a DDR2 Memory Card Slot SATA to M.2 NGFF SSD B-Key Adapter Board work on a Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P with BIOS F10C

I built a computer using a Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P motherboard. I am using BIOS version F10C for the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T AM3 3.20 GHz CPU. The motherboard is designed for DDR2 Max 16GB Dual Channel ...
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What PCIe slots lanes do I have and do they overlap or conflict when installing PCIe SSD Card into slots on motherboard?

What PCIe slots lanes do I have and do they overlap or conflict when installing PCIe SSD Card into slots on motherboard? Dell Motherboard Model and more references. Dell Vostro 3902 - Motherboard: CN -...
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32-bit PCI riser cards: different types? [closed]

I'm duplicating an existing compact PC; I'd love to replace it with modern components, but for various reasons I can't. I'm having a tough time finding the correct 32-bit PCI right-angle riser card. I ...
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Addition of PCIEX4 NVMe M.2 expansion card disables graphics card

Problem Purchased HP EX950 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD and Orico NVME M.2 EXPANSION CARD (PCI-E 3.0 X4) When installed into PCI-E slots, graphics card seems to be disabled Display only comes from onboard/...
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Pci expansion card does not seem to fit exactly on the slot. Is this how should it really look like? [duplicate]

I bought a PCI expansion card for my old desktop to increase the number of usb ports. When I tried to install it, I was able to put it in but for it does not fill the whole slot. Its like missing half ...
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Do cheap SATA expansion cards work?

I work in a soft-and hardware company. We started cleaning up and I found about 16 harddrives that are together about 4.5TB. I want to use them all and make a sort of file server in my home. But I ...
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Identify ethernet adapter

Please help me identify the maker and model of this 10/100 PCI ethernet adapter. It is entirely unclear to me which information on the PCB might indicate the information I am looking for. Searching ...
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Connect Desktop & Laptop to USB C Laptop Docking Station to Utilize Desktop Monitors for Both

I have an ASUS M32CD Desktop (Core i5, 8GB DDR4, 1TB, Windows 10) with Keyboard and Mouse and I want to connect to my desktop monitors using a Hiearcool USB C Hub,USB-C Laptop Docking Station,11 in 1 ...
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Cisco ISDN WAN - what exactly is it?

I'l looking to get into Cisco router configuration, and I think I have found an appropriate router to buy, however its a Cisco 1841 and therefore has two Fast Ethernet and two expansion slots, no WAN ...
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PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver

I have a Compaq Presario CQ5320F desktop PC (Windows 7 64-bit OS). And it has an PCI extension card with a parallel port. But when I connected a printer that uses a parallel connection it didn't work, ...
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What type of bolt is used to attach a sound card to an expansion plate?

I'd like to replace one of the bolts attaching my sound card to its expansion plate, as shown in the picture below. (The side of the card shown in the picture actually shows the nuts; I'm talking ...
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How to build a compact x86 / EISA / ISA architecture PC

This question is based on a previous question I asked (x86 based Retro/Nostalgia PC the size of a Raspberry Pi), and also I guess to some extent it fits in with this question regarding ISA bus on ...
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Why would I need a host adapter pcie card?

I have a total of 4 expansion slots on my PC. I am putting a killer network card, graphic card, and a sound card in it. I searched a list of expansion cards to put in the last slot that could ...
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Detect PCI vs. PCI-E

I have remote access to a computer, and I need to find out what kind of expansion slots is has, if they are PCI, or PCI-E, or something else. How can I do this from a shell? What commands are there ...
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Form factor of ATX expansion slots

I am building my own computer case, but I am having difficulty finding the form factor specifications for the ATX expansion slots - in particular the maximum height of the slot and the spacing of the ...
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Which Wireless Adapter should I buy? [closed]

The wireless adapter I had was a D-Link DWA 556. I had this one for a short while, and then it started having problems(dropping connections, speed dips, etc.) So I decided to buy a new one. Here are ...
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Connecting 6 hard drives with 4 available SATA connections

I'm building my first home NAS right now, and I have a Mini-ITX motherboard with 4 SATA connections. I'd like to connect 6 hard drives in total and (preferably) use software RAID. My question is: ...
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Transmission of arbitrary data through an HDMI port

There seems to be something of a trend these days to fail to equip cheap consumer laptops with decent expansion capabilities: no ExpressCard slot, USB 2 (not 3), no eSATA port. However, HDMI ports ...
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USB 3 adapter for a dell 2850 with PCI (or PCIX) ports?

Does anyone know if there is a plain PCI (or PCIX) USB 3 adapter? I understand the bandwidth of PCI < USB3, but it still beats the heck out of USB 2. I have some older dell 2850s that do not have ...
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USB 2.0 Options for board with USB 1.1

I have a QDI Superb 4 board which by default supports USB 1.1. However, I want it to support USB 2.0. How can I go about doing this? I know there are PCI expansion cards with USB 2.0 and there are ...
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ISA bus on newer computers [closed]

Are there companies that sell new computers that support old ISA bus expansion cards? We have an aging computer running DOS that operates some machinery via an ISA interface board. Updated versions of ...
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How to identify what slot type a particular PC card is? [closed]

Is there a good place to go to identify what kind of slot my spare video card uses? A site that shows pictures of the various slot types so I can identify this one?
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What is the difference between "low profile" and "low profile ready" in expansion cards?

I'm shopping for a half-height or low-profile video card. I notice that newegg has categories for both "low profile" and "low profile ready". I assume this is an actual classification of expansion ...
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Can't transfer images from a camera connected to a USB 2 port on a PCMCIA adapter

I have an old laptop (HP OmniBook vt6200, Windows XP professional, SP2) that only has USB 1 ports. Transferring pictures from a digital camera is too slow, so I thought of trying one of ...
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