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5 answers

How to type half-space in Microsoft OneNote?

I can type a half-space on Microsoft Word using Ctrl + Minus_Key. But I don't know why it is not working on Microsoft OneNote! How can I type this character on Microsoft OneNote? Note: I'm writing in ...
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1 answer

Persian citation in Microsoft Word

I have a problem with Microsoft word. My language is Farsi. When I insert citation from library that I defined in Word, the software automatically use "," instead "،". How can I fix that? For example, ...
2 votes
1 answer

How do you show a slide number in Hindi (Arabian)

In Powerpoint 2010, how do you show the slide number in Hindi (Arabian or Farsi)? Now, with choosing Insert > Slide Number create a Latin slide number!
5 votes
1 answer

English numbers in non-English subtitle

I wrote my subtitle in a word document & saved it as a txt file with UTF-8 encoding. Then I changed its format from txt to srt manually. my subtitle language is Persian. I put it in the same ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to prevent interface flipping in GTK 2.16 for right-to-left languages (Arabic, Farsi)?

For programs using the GTK 2.16 interface, GTK automatically chooses the language for common items according to system settings, and when the language is right-to-left it automatically flips the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Problem with farsi language in usecase's scenario

I'm using Enterprise Architect 8 software to design our compan`s UML diagrams. But I can not use the Persian(Farsi) language in my usecase's scenarios. When i save scenarios, the sentences reversed. ...
1 vote
3 answers

Know of any invisible right-to-left characters in Unicode?

A common problem with right-to-left text and many text editors is that while the actual right-to-left characters are written right-to-left, the punctuation (nominally) following such a sentence is ...
1 vote
1 answer

Right-to-left writing in OSX Microsoft Office

I bought a MacBook pro last week and I installed Microsoft Office on it but when I want write Farsi (or Arabic) on it, it shows a seperate one (instead of سلام it show س ل ا م ) any one know how can ...
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