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How do I eliminate file write latency spikes on mdadm raid0?

High Level Problem Summary We are working on an application that requires high throughput to RAID0 for extended periods of time. There are up to 8 independent 5 GB/s data streams being written to ...
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How to save output of python-swiftclient to file when dowloading a directory?

When I download files from a cloud with python-swiftclient sometimes I get errors like this one: Error downloading object 'uploads/1/image.png': Object GET failed:
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How can I copy every 4th file in a Folder into a New Folder?

I am exporting an animation as PNG image files. From the 1199 sequences of frames exported, only every 4th file contains a key frame the rest of the image files are exact duplicates of the previous. ...
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Will buffer be automatically flushed to disk when a process exits?

When I redirect a command's output to a file (e.g., echo Hello > file) will that file be guaranteed to have such data right after the command exits? Or is there still a very small window between ...
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How to redirect file I/O operations of a process to memory or a different file?

Let's say I have a file named file.txt and a running process with PID 12345 which sometimes reads and sometimes writes to that file. Is there any way I can fool the process with PID 12345 to read or ...
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bash: monitoring which files are used by a process in real time

Is there any command to track what files are opened / closed / written by program with given PID in real time? I want to: run a program, enable program file operations monitoring, do some stuff in ...
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How do I kill mbuffer properly?

I'm trying to use a script to send a series of files over a network from hard drive to hard drive via mbuffer. I've got a listening mbuffer on one computer and a sending mbuffer on the other. Things ...
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USB/SD transfer speed for concurrent writing of multiple files on Linux

I need to transfer more than one big file on USB or SD device, let's say 4 files of 1 GB each. I noticed that on USB, the concurrent transfer of multiple files is way slower than queuing up the copy; ...
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How to cut a file into pieces more efficiently?

Suppose I have a 10MB text file foo.txt, and it has 100,000 lines. Now, I want to process foo.txt window by window, with a window size 10. My current script is like this: for ((i=0;i<$lines;i=i+$...
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What is the fastest way to move a million images from one directory to another in Linux?

I have a million images that takes up 30GB of disk space that need to be moved from one local directory to another local directory. What would be the most efficient way to do this? Using mv? Using cp?...
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What happens when moving hard linked file across filesystems using `mv`?

I have a collection of folders on one file system which have been hard linked together (the contents are identical). What happens when I move one of the folders to another filesystem on another disk?...
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Could an installed game access all files on my machine?

If I install a game on my Windows machine, does it potentially have access to all my files and folders? If not, what is preventing this access? How would a game be different from other software that's ...
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Cannot use more than 746GB on 3TB Drive that is reporting 2TB free

Related: Tried to use my 3TB drive in a USB enclosure, now reports only 746GB even internally I originally solved the problem in the link above by deleting the partition table using GParted re-...
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Why is my file copying slowly?

I am trying to duplicate a folder (around 1GB) in the same directory and the copy rate is quite slow (getting around 600kbps). I can download large files from the Internet faster than that (2/3 MBps)....
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How can I move a folder from one directory to another in Windows command line?

I need to a folder into the ProgramData directory. Is there a way I can see it as unhidden? If not, what's the command to move one folder (name_of_folder) into another (c:\ProgramData) in Windows ...
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How to increase the disk cache of Windows 7

Under Windows 7 (64 bit), I'm reading through 9000 moderately sized files. In total, there is more than 200 MB of data. Using Java (JDK 1.6.21) I'm iterating over the files. The first 1400 or so go ...
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