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Find files containing a string and execute command

How do I find files that contain a specific string and execute a command on these files? In my case, I'd like to find all *.md files that contain the string ^ - HIMS$ and stage them with git. I know ...
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Why can't I search specific things in file explorer?

Specifically, When I'm in file explorer. I type in the search box in some folder, I type (1). And I want to find all the files with that little piece, and isolate them. But when I type (1). open ...
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How can I find all if-statements without an else?

I've got quite a lot of code in which sometimes if-statements have been written, without a matching else-statement. In some places, this is an issue, because when something fails, the failure is not ...
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How do I "find in folder", except excluding ".hg" and ".git" dot-folders, in Windows file explorer?

How do I tell Window File Explorer that I don't want to see anything inside dot-folders in my search results? I have a bunch of version-controlled working folders, each of which contains a repository -...
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Sublime text. Keep find in files panel open after running search and/or replace operation

I am using Find in files functionality of sublime text regularly (default key binding Ctrl+Shift+F) Pannel can be hidden by hitting Esc Whenever I hit Find the pannel itself disappears after ...
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How can I find where a header is referenced in a word document?

I inserted a lot of cross references in my word document. (in the Insert ribben, the links group, select Cross Reference) Is there a way to find out where I refered a certain paragraph?
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'Find' in all opened documents in Notepad++?

As we all know that Ctrl+F is the way to find some required text within a file, but how do we go about to find a desired text in all open documents in Notepad++?
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How do I find text between 2 characters?

I have a notepad++ file with lots of lines. How do I find specific text if I know it's between @ and @ starts with G, ends with R and is 18 characters long? So for example I wanna find this: ...
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Sed/Awk save text between patterns if contains string

I'm facing an issue with mails. I need to get all messages between 2 people: [email protected] and [email protected]. The file: From: [email protected] to: [email protected] <body of the ...
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Find in files on remote server with Notepad++

I have a remote Linux server, and I edit files on it over SFTP in Notepad++ using the NppFTP plugin. When I open a file for editing, NppFTP downloads the file locally to this folder: C:\Users\user\...
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Find in Files across multiple directories with Notepad++

Is there a way to search within multiple directories in Notepad++ using the Find in Files feature? I'd like to search the two following locations simultaneously: C:\Views\ H:\Views\ I've tried ...
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I have file called songs and i'm trying to find the longest and shortest song name using AWK

RANK NAME BAND YEAR GENERE DOMESTIC/INTERNATIONAL 206:Reach Out, I'll Be There:The Four Tops:1978:Pop:3/2 207:Bye Bye Love:The Everly Brothers:1950:Classic:3/2 208:Gloria:...
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How to find multiple files in linux system

I have massive of files in my system and every file has one corresponded file name. For example, test.pdf has a test2.pdf has a test.pdf and test2.pdf are the ...
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Git find line# of change

I want to find when the last time a specific css property was removed in source on my current branch (master). I wrote: git log -Smystring --source It gave me a hash. I fired up gitk and pasted the ...
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Is there a smarter Find files utility for Windows 8 than Windows key + F? [closed]

Is there any utility for Windows 8 that will basically do the same thing the old "Find" dialog in Explorer did? Often times (many times a day) I need to find a particular file, and I don't know the ...
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Is there any ways to extend the search (find-in-files) capability of WinRAR?

WinRAR is good at searching for a string in text files(java, xml, txt etc.) within an archive and it supports multiple archive formats. (rar, 7zip, winzip etc) Is there some way to extend this ...
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Free Tool to search within files (even over a network) [closed]

I need to find some text in a ton of log files that are stored on my network (I don't have them indexed). The files all have a more or less unique extension. (i.e., they look like this: MyLogFile....
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How do I find a phrase/word recursively in a file tree in Linux?

how do I find a phrase/word recursively in a file tree in Linux? I tried find . -name ./* | grep my_phrase and I tried grep -r "register_long_arrays" *
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PowerPoint: Find in Files

I'm looking for the ability to "Find in Files" for PowerPoint 2003. I've searched Google but couldn't find anything. Does such a feature exist? If not, is there an easy way to find keywords in a ...
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Notepad++ excluding find filters

In Notepad++ I want to search in all file types except one. For instance: I want to search in all files but not .class files. Can the Notepad++ filter can be configured to work this way?
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Notepad++ Find in Files Filters

When using Notepad++ Find in Files feature is there a way to adjust the filter, so that it will search more than one filetype (e.g. *.c and *.h)?
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GUI grep on OS X

This is a question coming from a former/current Windows user. If I'm looking at a Finder window in a particular directory, how can I search for files with names matching a particular pattern (e.g. "p*....
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