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Flutter error in Ffmpeg, "Unhandled Exception: ProcessException: No such file or directory" in macOS desktop version

I'm trying video trim video using ffmpeg, for macOS desktop application. I have downloaded ffmpeg from here for macOS. Here is my code String mainPath = 'Users/apple/Workspace/User/2024/Project/...
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FVM/Flutter unable to find git on non-administrator account on Windows

As an administrator, fvm works: PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> fvm flutter --version Flutter 3.7.5 • channel stable • Framework • revision c07f788888 (3 days ago) • ...
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Why can't I find dart2native in the dart-sdk?

Some existing dart package documentation, such as dart_ctags, call on the flutter/dart developer to employ dart2native, but it's no where in current dart or flutter sdks.
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How do I edit the rc.local file on my Raspberry using another PC?

I edited my rc.local file to start 2 python scripts and a flutter app on boot and I set it up to boot in console mode. But now I can't close the flutter app. I already tried pressing CTRL + Z or CTRL +...
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How to install Flutter for all users on Linux?

I want to install the Flutter SDK on an Ubuntu system for all users. However, e.g. shows me how to do that only for a specific user. Since Flutter ...
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antimalware service 100% usage on building android gradle

I was building an android application using Flutter on Android Studio. I just added web-crypto and crypto packages and updated the codebase according to the project I was working on. But when I ...
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How can show a progress bar when mixing sound using FFmpeg in Flutter?

I am mixing two files(a,b) into one output(c) using FFmpeg. As it takes a long time to mixing a file I would like to display a progress bar. Can someone please guide me on how to go about the same? ...
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