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Get up-arrow key to only show unique commands? GHC Haskell

Haskell uses the GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) which is basically a command line interface to compile and run Haskell. Like many popular CLI's, GHC allows you to use the up and down arrow keys to ...
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tidalcycles + ghc: unable to load package

I'm trying to run tidalcycles on windows, but while booting it from atom i get the following error: ghc.exe: unable to load package `network-' Variable not in scope: tidal :: Stream Variable ...
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configure error building GHC on Arch Linux - "error adding symbols: Bad value"

I was building GHC to get more libraries than the default installation the Arch repos give, but I managed to do something to the system which makes the initial configure fail on a clean copy of the ...
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Installing haskell ghc fails

I am trying to install Haskell-2012.4.0.0.exe on my computer running windows 7. When I run the installer I get the following message and the installation fails, Installer integrity check has failed. ...
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trouble installing yesod

i installed ghc and cabal on my centos 6 machine. both seem to be in working order. but when I try to install yesod with cabal, i get this: [root@localhost yesod]# cabal install yesod Resolving ...
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Where to get GHC for centos 6?

Can anyone direct me as to how to install GHC? I went here: and tried both the binary and source packages (...
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