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Git is an open source distributed version control system originally designed and written by Linus Torvalds. It is generally used to keep track of source code for software projects. As a DVCS, Git provides powerful help with branching, merging, and distributed development.

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How to tell git which private key to use?

ssh has the -i option to tell which private key file to use when authenticating: -i identity_fileSelects a file from which the identity (private key) for RSA or DSA authentication is read.  The ...
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How do I reset 'master' to 'origin/master'?

Can I do the following in a simpler way? git checkout origin/master git branch -D master git branch master git checkout master
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Can you GPG sign old commits?

Git now has the ability to sign commits with git commit -S, which is great, but sometimes I forget the flag to commit, and sometimes I mail myself patches which I apply with am, and that command doesn'...
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Pull another Git branch without switching

We recently switched from SVN to Git and at the same time put our live systems into version control (instead of local checkout and file copy to live). On the project I'm assigned to we all access the ...
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7 answers

Change git init default branch name

I'm trying to figure out how to make git init use a different default branch name other than master for the first commit, but I can't find a git config for it or anything that'd allow me to do this (e....
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Git - List all files currently under source control?

Is there a way to list all files currently under source control in git? (Not just those that have been modified).
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How do I ensure Git doesn't ask me for my GitHub username and password?

I am working with a repo on GitHub and everytime I try to push something, it asks for my GitHub username and password. I don't want it doing that. I tried the instructions on setting your email in ...
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How can I roll back 1 commit?

I have 2 commits that I did not push: $ git status # On branch master # Your branch is ahead of 'faves/master' by 2 commits. How can I roll back my first one (the oldest one), but keep the second ...
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how to avoid being asked "Enter passphrase for key " when I'm doing ssh operation on a remote host?

I'm ssh into a remote host (linux, fedora) and I want to do ssh operation(git with bitbucket) there. There is ssh-agent running on that machine, $ ps -e|grep sh-agent 2203 ? 00:00:00 ssh-...
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Git on Mac: How to set Nano as the default text editor?

When I'm using Git on Mac and need to do a rebase, the Vim editor kicks in by default. I would prefer Nano – could someone please explain how to reconfigure Git to make it use Nano for rebase?
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143 votes
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Is there a way to edit a commit message on GitHub?

Is there a way to edit a commit message after committing and pushing to GitHub? I see that there is a 'add a note' as well as inline commenting, but no actual editing of a commit message. There is ...
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130 votes
5 answers

How to amend the last commit to un-add a file?

I have modified two files a, b in the last commit. But file b should not be commited, what's the workflow to amend this?
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8 answers

Forward SSH traffic through a middle machine

SSH tunneling is very confusing to me. I am wondering if I can do this in Linux. I have 3 machines.. A. My local machine at home. B. Machine at work that I can SSH into (middle man). C. My desktop ...
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124 votes
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Git Bash Here in ConEmu

How do I create a right-click context menu entry to open Git Bash at a given folder within ConEmu? See Git Bash Here in Console2 for the equivalent question for Console2.
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GIT merge master into a branch

I have been developing a new feature on a new branch, and on the side have committed quite a few changes on my master branch. Is it possible to merge the master branch into my new branch to keep it ...
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How can I change the directory that ssh-keygen outputs to?

I want to run a command like: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "[email protected]" My understanding is that ssh-keygen outputs to the home directory. I'm working on a networked computer using Git ...
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How should I set the PATH variable on my Mac so the Hombrew-installed tools are found?

Trying to set up Homebrew on a new Mac (on previous Macs I would install packages from source). The first package I tried to install was Git: $ brew install git Installation went OK, but which git ...
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Using Multiple SSH Public Keys

I have a personal account and a company account on Unfuddle. On Unfuddle SSH keys can only be used on a single account, so I need to create a seperate SSH key on my laptop for both accounts. I ran ...
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git "ping": check if remote repository exists

I'd like to know whether a remote repository exists. Here's what I came up with: git ls-remote -h "$REPO_URL" &> /dev/null Is there any better way?
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How to switch git user at terminal?

I am trying to push a project to a remote repository from the command line. From inside my local directory, I hit: $ git push and obtain the following error: remote: Permission to username1/repo....
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How to add the 'tree' command to git-bash in Windows?

I'm using git-bash in Windows 7. I'd like to see a tree of the current directory. However jcollum@DEVELOPER01 ~/Dev/express_coffee $ tree . sh....
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How to get git-completion.bash to work on Mac OS X?

I have followed to add git-completion.bash to my /opt/local/etc/bash_completion.d/git-completion and I put PS1='\h:\W$(...
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6 answers

How to make git not prompt for passphrase for ssh key?

I'm using git bash and I setup ssh key using ssh-keygen and each time I do something with a repo git ask me for passphrase for /c/Users/jankiewj/.ssh/id_rsa. Is there a way to disable that passphrase. ...
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Using Git across multiple systems without network access

I want to use version control but, due to security reasons, the server I'm working on has no internet access: I can only move files on a USB flash drive. Can I still use Git with this setup? Can I ...
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Terminal Command To Find What Version Of Git I Have Installed?

What is the terminal command to find the version of Git currently installed on my system?
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How can I diff binary files in git?

In order to diff binary files in git, I assume I need to set up a difftool. What difftools work? How do you put the parameters in?
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71 votes
6 answers

How to ignore a tracked file in git without deleting it?

My team uses sourcetree as our git client. There is a third-party plugin in our project. It needs several configuration files. These files cannot be generated automatically. They store account name, ...
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How to filter commits by author in SourceTree?

In the branch view of SourceTree, I see all the commits. I'd like to filter the commits to show only the ones committed by me/someone. How can I do this? Thanks.
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macOS, the command line developer tool missing after updated to Monterey 12.6

My Apple MacBook pro M1 2020 automatically updated to Monterey 12.6 recently. With the update, I have to agree with an Xcode agreement/license. After that, I found both python and git are no longer ...
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How can I push a Git repository to a folder over SSH?

I have a folder called my-project inside which I've done git init, git commit -a, etc. Now I want to push it to an empty folder at /mnt/foo/bar on a remote server. How can I do this? I did try, ...
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2 answers

How to overwrite a branch in Git with master

I have an old dev branch that is completely outdated. I don't want to remove it but I do want to replace its contents entirely with the master branch. Meaning, I want dev_branch = master I tried: ...
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How can I merge two branches without losing any files?

I have two branches with the following files in there: branch a: file_a file_b file_c branch b: file_a file_d file_e I want to merge them, so that I get both files from a and b (and files that ...
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Setting up an encrypted git-repository

Situation Hi, I would like to save data with git, encrypted (on some platform like bitbucket or github). Therefore the question: Question I am looking for different hassle-free ways on: How to set ...
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SSH config - same host but different keys and usernames

I've set up two GitHub accounts, but I can't get ssh keys to work correctly. I've tried various configs. Host github_username1 HostName IdentityFile ~/.ssh/rsa_1 User username1 ...
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How do I disable password prompts when doing git push/pull?

Every time I want to push and/or pull from the terminal (in Linux) I have to enter a password. How do I remove this so that it pulls and/or pushes without the password?
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Does Git delete empty folders?

I deleted all files from a directory in my work folder, but the directory itself still exists. After pushing the changes to a remote repository (GitHub) I checked my project and noticed that the ...
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53 votes
5 answers

Bring a local folder to remote git repo

I have a folder with all my files set up for a project. I decided to use git on that folder, so I created on Github an empty repo. Usually the procedure is to clone on my local disk the remote repo, ...
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How do you install git-filter-repo?

I'm attempting to use git-filter-repo to remove large binaries from my repository. I have not used python before. I installed the latest python by clicking on the downloaded .exe file as that is a ...
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6 answers

How can I enable colored output for OSX diff?

I need to diff two files (not two versions of the same file, they are however tracked by git, but that is unrelated) and I would like some colored output, how can I achieve that? $ diff file_1 file_2 ...
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3 answers

How can I share a git stash?

Is there a way to share a stash in git? I work on a number of machines, and often want to be able to move my current working state from one to another. I'm looking for a way that I can push/pull a ...
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Cache the password if SSH-keys are forbidden

I have a server which I have to access frequently via ssh, because I compute on it. Now, the computing center explicitly forbids SSH-keys because they are "insecure". They feel that typing my password,...
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4 answers

Is a GitHub account required for cloning a repository?

I'm putting together some documentation and don't have access to a non-configured machine to test this myself I'm curious if you need a GitHub account to clone a repository from GitHub to a local ...
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48 votes
3 answers

How to delete the git reference `refs/original/refs/heads/master`?

What's this in the yellow round box? I've tried git branch -D, git tag -d but none succeeded. So how to delete it?
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4 answers

Git: How to delete all untracked files?

I'm using Git for version control. Now I want to delete on my local machine all files in the repository that are not tracked. I can use git status to list these files, but how can I delete all of ...
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Mark file as “uncommitable” with Git

I want to show off some of my work by uploading them to my GitHub account. However, there are some files that contain passwords, like database connections. Is there a way of marking a file as ...
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Git Bash Here in Console2?

MSysGit installs a context menu item that opens a Git Bash prompt at the currently selected folder; however, this opens a cmd.exe window and I would like it to open in Console2 instead. What ...
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46 votes
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How to view only the unmerged files in git after a merge failure

While merging some of the files failed to merge. git status shows both the successful and failed merges. How to view only the unsuccessful merge files(conflict). Currently i am using the following ...
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How can I discard file change from fugitives status window?

When in the fugitive-plugin status window, accessed using :Git, it's possible to diff changes for a file using D and toggle files for commit using -. Is there any similar shortcut for discarding ...
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git: What does an extra item "origin/HEAD" mean

Following the advice of a friend of mine, I started learning git. I read manual (basic sections) and I think understood most regarding commits, branches, setting backward, forward, etc. but when it ...
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Tmux and ZSH custom prompt : bug with window name

I have customized my ZSH prompt with oh-my-zsh to make it more readable and add information about git if I'm in a repository. Example : bob@inf [~/docs] % bob@inf [~/src/nicest] master % (in a git ...
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