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Concatenate data (matrices) in separate sheets (Gnumeric)

I need to "concatenate" data from two sheets into a third sheet. I need to do this in Gnumeric, but presumably it should be doable with other spreadsheet programs as well. Sheet 1: | A ...
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Toggle alternative keyboard behaviour in Gnumeric

When using Gnumeric, one can usually navigate between cells using the keyboard arrows and change the content of a cell just by typing the wanted content. However, I sometimes find myself in a ...
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TREND function in Gnumeric only outputs one cell

Hello I have a col of x values, and col of y values, and next to them an empty column, i am attempting to select the empty column of similar length as x and y, and enter the TREND function, but i only ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 gnumeric 1.12.46 displays unicode boxes from older gnumeric files

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 and just discovered all my old gnumric files do not display correctly. All text and numeric fields in the spreadsheet show up as hex codes in little boxes, like ...
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How to specify output file cell format when using ssconvert --merge-to to create ODS file from multiple CSVs?

I successfully converted a series of .csv files into a single .ods spreadsheet file, but I had a minor formatting problem: all cells with date contents ended up with date and time format. Command used:...
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How to use MPIR with Visual Studio?

I am an academic and I need to develop some numerical algorithms which require functions from a package called MPIR I downloaded the 3.0.0 version and I am trying to ...
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Return value pairs based on first row and column

Gnumeric has a nice tool for calculating correlations, but is limited in terms of specifying your output. It looks like this, Figure 8-7 : Correlations | pressure | distance | height pressure | ...
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"Save as csv" not available

How can I save single spreadsheet as a csv file in Gnumeric (version 1.12.28)? Going through File - Save As offers several file types like .gnumeric, .xls or .ods, but not .csv.
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How to mark elements of formula to "don't shift"

I have two worksheets in my Gnumeric file. In the first I have a lot of rows which contain an index. On the second I have the respective values for that index. Now, I can use the ­­index function to ...
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How to delete multiple rows in Gnumeric

When I select one row in Gnumeric I get the option to Delete 1 Row: When I select more than one in Gnumeric, I get a grayed out (non-functional) option to Delete 3 Rows: Clearly Gnumeric knows what ...
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Importing numbers with leading zeros as text strings in gnumeric

I have a csv file with numbers, some that start with zeros. Those zeros are somewhat important to me. All the entries in the file are encapsulated with double quotes. Gnumeric's import dialogue ...
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Prepend text for spreadsheet

I want to have a string value prepended to a XL-style formating in a spreadsheet program (gnumeric). The current formatting is [$-f4f2]hh:mm which should take 1:00 PM as input and convert/display it ...
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Insert many rows in Gnumeric

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet program. There is Insert 1 row in the row context menu. But how to insert many row? Anything better than selecting Insert 1 row many times?
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How do I import multiple csv files in gnumeric?

I am trying to import multiple csv files into gnumeric so that each one is a separate sheet in the workbook. This is relatively simple in Excel but I cannot work out how to do it in gnumeric.
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How to get the average of the higher M values in N cells?

I have a spreadsheet with values in a matrix with several rows. For each row I have a N numbers. I want to calculate the average of the M higher values of the row. With M<N. Is there a common ...
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Binary spreadsheets with bitwise operators [closed]

I am looking for a way to easily construct binary spreadsheets using bitwise operators such as SHIFT, AND, OR and XOR. I've looked at Gnumeric but can't find any function that'd allow you to set the ...
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Gnumeric doesn't recognize numbers

I am trying to do some basic calculations (mostly finding the median of a range of values) using gnumeric. Unfortunately, this is giving me a hard time. Consider the following data: 0.04 0.04 0 0 0....
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Swap rows in gnumeric

Is there any convenient way to swap two rows in gnumeric? Currently I'm doing it the hard way: insert an empty row, move rows, and remove empty row. I hope that there is a better way...
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How can I open a subset of a large (35MB) .xlsx file?

I have Ubuntu 10.04 running on a Dell Optiplex with 4GB of memory and two 3.16GHz processors. I received a 35MB spreadsheet. It opened in Gnumeric after 5 minutes with errors, and it hasn't opened ...
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