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Questions tagged [google-meet]

A video conference application provided by Google.

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google chat disable url preview - not messages, not gmail [migrated]

How do you disable the automated link preview in google chat? This is the garbage chat functionality that used to be Google Meet, but was shoved into gmail. This is NOT urls in email messages. This ...
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Google meet is very laggy but everything else works fine, how do I troubleshoot?

I have this interesting issue where only Google Meet calls are very laggy via all laptops (Mac) in my house. Zoom, streaming on Apple TV, and other video tools work fine. Here are the details: Using ...
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Microphone input stops working after 10-20 minutes within Discord/Google Meet etc…in Windows 11

I am using a high-spec Windows 11 PC with all the latest patches. I am using chat apps like Google Meet. When talking to friends on Google Meet I seem to have an issue where the microphone input works ...
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Starlink and Mobile 4G: Route Google Meet over 4G

I have a Starlink satellite broadband WAN connection and a 4G mobile internet WAN connection. Starlink is great for streaming and general internet but it drops out for a few seconds every hour due to ...
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Prevent Screen Saver Whilst Screen Sharing in Google Meet

When in a meeting with Google Meet the screensaver will activate if Google Meet doesn't run in the foreground or active browser window. But when sharing the screen, one has always another screen/tab ...
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How to play audio of a casted tab in Chrome browser on the casted device?

--- TLDR Audio of a casted tab in Chrome browser NOT playing on the casted device but on original machine's speaker. How to switch speaker to casted device? --- In details I casted a google-meet call ...
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Why can I only share one of my two monitors in Google Meet, but not the other one?

I have two monitors, both 4K, running at 200% font size. When using Google Meet, I can opt to share my screen, but I can only share one of them, the other doesn't appear as a choice when selecting ...
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1 answer

Online meetings: share a virtual small screen (1920x1080) instead of my real big screen (3840 x 1600)

I'm using a really big screen (32inch - 3840 x 1600), it works well for me, but when I join online meeting with colleagues (through Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc..) and I need to share screen ...
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Windows 7 - How to record Google Meeting audio?

I'm having psychoterapy through Google Meet and would like to record the sessions for studying them later. But Google does not allows recording natively except if you are the inviter and pay for a ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Google Meet share screen black after upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

I was using Ubuntu 20.04 and everything was working just fine. I installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (deleted everything, a fresh installation) and everything is OK except Google Meet's share screen. I can ...
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1 answer

Audio & Video of Local Computer to a RDC PC

I have my Laptop A in City Toronto that I would like to Remote Desktop Connection into PC B in City Vancouver. I would like to use my Laptop A video & audio for PC B for meetings in Google Meet &...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to share YouTube video and audio on Google Meet

I'd like to be able to share a YouTube video during a Google Meet, with audio, high resolution, & minimal latency. Is this possible / what's the best way to accomplish that? Things that don't work ...
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How does google chrome detect when other windows are maximized on top of it?

I've been recording google meet conference calls with OBS since they made this a premium feature on the site. So far it's all been going well except when I have to maximize a different window on top ...
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2 votes
1 answer

External Mic Switching Mid Call on Google Hangouts

The Mac is closed over and a separate monitor is being used for the display. A webcam (Logitech C505) is being used for video and sound. Webcam mic is set as the default mic. When Google meet call ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Can I add Google Meet and Zoom to the "Add video call" dropdown in macOS Monterey's Calendar app?

The "New event" popup on macOS Monterey's Calendar app (see below) seems to suggest it is possible to add additional video calling services, to automatically create links for them when ...
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1 answer

I cannot start my camera, neither share my screen in Google Meet after upgrading Windows to Windows 11

Since I've upgraded my Windows to Windows 11, I am not able to use the Google Meet. My camera is OK in other programs, but the message "A câmera está iniciando" is persistent (my language is ...
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Is it possible to prevent Google Meet participants from seeing all other participants?

I conduct a live private one-way lecture with Google Meet (I am the host) and participants only need to hear, watch and submit their work after the lecture. For some privacy reason, I want to prevent ...
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Windows 10: Microphone not working in browsers, working in Zoom (Windows application)

I have a Windows 10 Home Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.1304) system in which the microphone works in Zoom (the Windows application), but not in Google Meet (ie, in a browser). ...
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Google meet has no sound in Macbook chrome browser

I can't hear other's voice. Even I selected the right audio device. I have no problem to play sound in chrome for other webside such as Youtube. There's no hardward problem or web brower permission ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Turn off "You're presenting to everyone" Windows notifications during Google Meet screen sharing

Whenever I present my screen during a Google Meet meeting, I get a notification in my Windows 10 notification center with the following message: You're presenting to everyone. Click here to return to ...
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1 answer

I have high upload speeds but not able to video call properly

I have an internet connection that provides me with wired speeds of Download: 45 Mbps, Upload:60 Mbps. But when I use a ADSL Wi-Fi Router, I get speed of Download: 20 Mbps, and Upload: 45 Mbps at the ...
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1 answer

Merge/Combine several video/audio streams using ffmpeg from online video call (like a Google Meet recording)

I have a video call with my guests here is how the feeds look like: Feed 1 (recorded locally by guest, records ONLY his/her audio/video) Feed 2 (recorded locally by me, records ONLY my audio/video) ...
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Google Classroom - link to meeting issue

I have a new Chromebook for my child's homeschool. Whenever we join the class meeting using the icon at the top of google classroom, it opens in meet, not Chrome, which means she can't raise her hand ...
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4 answers

How to mute whole Google Meet meeting

I am looking for a way to mute a Google Meet meeting. I want for a period of time to not listen to anybody that is speaking without disrupting the meeting for the others. I already tried to right ...
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