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How does 3D NAND relate to TLC/MLC/QLC?

I want to buy a SSD, but I am confused as to how 3D NAND (that is now the latest and greatest) relate to MLC, TLC and QLC ? Is there like 3D NAND TLC or 3D NAND QLC ? Or this 3D NAND completely ...
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How do I install this weird looking i9 9900KF I bought?

I bought an Intel i9 9900KF, or specifically from the Amazon item title: "Intel BX80684I99900KF Intel Core i9-9900KF Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 5.0 GHz Turbo Unlocked Without Processor Graphics ...
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Why MLC ssd has lower TBW than TLC?

I have ssd's. Crucial mx100 250GB: MLC, TBW 72. Crucial mx200 250GB: MLC, TBW 80. Adata sx8200Pro 250gb: TLC, TBW 160. From many sources I learnt that MLC should last ~ 6-10 times more writes than ...
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How to find the appropriate RAM to upgrade? [closed]

I want to understand how to upgrade RAM on a computer, and everywhere I see something else to consider to upgrade. What is the full formula or algorithm? What decisions are derived from the mother ...
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Is 60gb SSD big enough for Win 7?

Wondering if I could do an ssd upgrade at my school. The students have Win 7 as OS, and only use the web browser for checking assignments (chrome), and MS Office, nothing else. Could I get away with ...
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Can a cheap ADSL modem router be responsible for frequent disconnects from and speeds from/to my ISP?

I experience frequent disconnects from my ISP (about 100 every day). Some connections do not last longer than a few seconds. I also experience very slow internet download and upload speeds – even ...
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How fast is an HDD?

Recently I have replaced my SSD drive with an HDD drive (cloned the 250GB kingstone SSD to a 1TB HDD) at first boot the PC was running at an unusable speed took about 10m to turn on ,apps took 15-30s ...
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What household electrical devices could serve as an appropriate Master for the CE Tech Energy Saving Surge Protector?

I am attempting to use the Energy Saving feature of this surge protector: Using my laptop as the ...
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Choosing a CPU for a multi-seat setup

I'm in the planning stages for a machine on which i want to have two seats: one as a 1080p home theatre/gaming rig, and the other as a general purpose seat for web browsing, youtube watching, ...
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Send realtime keystrokes to machine from external source without installing software on that machine? Perhaps a USB dongle that registers as keyboard?

I have a few bare-bones systems running legacy software on creaking hardware. I want to be able to automate a lot of tasks by using auto hotkey scripts for tasks that currently, must be performed ...
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Determine correct RJ-45 network plug for your cable

I want to crimp my own ethernet cables because its cheaper for me and I have a lot of long cables sitting around. I'm currently looking into the crimper and everything I need and I wanted to know for ...
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How much of a difference is there between video card manufacturers? [closed]

If I am looking for a video card and I have already selected a specific chipset (for example, the NVIDIA GTX 770), is there really a large degree of difference between the companies who construct the ...
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Is my consumer RAM RDIMM or UDIMM?

I've set out to build a server and I might have ordered the wrong RAM. The motherboard I'm using is an ASUS KGPE-D16. In the specifications, it states that I can have 256GB of RDIMM or 64GB of UDIMM. ...
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Prong covers for AC power cords

Apologies if this question is somewhat off-topic (it seems marginally-related to computer hardware based on the FAQ, but I didn't see a more appropriate Stack Exchange forum). I'm looking for plastic ...
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Can I use more than one HomePlug on the same electrical system?

I'm trying to wire up an old college office (with 3 rooms) that has thick cement walls. Running ethernet is painful, and wifi can't break through the concrete. Can I use more than one HomePlug to ...
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Upgrading memory in a laptop [duplicate]

I'm a bit confused about all the memory types and various bus frequencies of modern consumer PCs. Requesting expert help on the subject. So far I'm confident that: I have an Asus X51L laptop with an ...
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OCZ Revodrive; worth it? [closed]

Traditional SSDs seem to have stabilized at up to ~200 mb/s read and ~150 mb/s write. The OCZ Revodrives (PCIe solid state hard drives) are now in the $200 for 50gb of disk space (plenty for me, and ...
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