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Homebrew cask installs fail with hdiutil error

I'm consistently getting the same error while trying to install any cask. hdiutil: attach failed - Resource busy Homebrew tries to attach an image twice (why?) and second attempt fails. Although ...
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hdiutil Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 issue

Currently I am using macOS Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 to connect to a virtual machine. Within the settings of this Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 application, I set the re- direct folder to the disk ...
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Recover Time Machine sparsebundle backup

I have a Time Machine backup from an old computer that I can't open. When I double click on the sparsebundle file, I get "no mountable filesystems". I've next tried this: hdiutil attach -...
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Creating a base image for macOS High Sierra with Apple File System (APFS)

I used to be able to create a single dmg file of a Mac disk drive (contains all partitions including recovery partition) and then deploy it to another Mac as per these instructions: https://support....
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Create single disk image from drive with multiple partitions

I'm running Mac OS X 10.11.6. I have a variety of old CD-R's that contain multiple partitions (I would imagine this also applies to an HD). When I insert the disk, each partition mounts as a separate ...
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format disk with APFS, the new apple file system?

Has anyone managed to format an actual real disk with the new apple filesystem APFS in Mac OS Sierra ? the documentation explains how to make a disk image with APFS: hdiutil create -fs APFS -size ...
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Is it safe to cancel hdiutil compact?

A sparse image is a type of disk image file used on Mac OS X that grows in size as the user adds data to the image, taking up only as much disk space as stored in it (quoth Wikipedia). If a sparse ...
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Mount the second partition of an image with hdiutil

I'm trying to open a partition on my Mac (OSX Mavericks). Particularly, I've got a file.img image which includes two partitions: a boot partition and a second partition formatted in ext2. When I ...
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Can't unmount dmg. Keep getting "Resource Busy"

"Workspace" is an encrypted dmg where I keep my code. I don't usually unmout it but I need to take a backup and it's refusing to let me unmount: mark@mark-macbook-air /Volumes$ lsof | grep Workspace ...
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Mounting an ISO image with readwrite permission

I am following these instructions for creating a cross-platform CD. I am coming across a problem in Mountain Lion where I cannot mount the image as read-write. When I enter the following in Terminal: ...
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Attach disk drive in Linux

Is there a Linux equivalent of the Mac's sudo hdiutil attach -imagekey -diskimage-class=CRawDiskImage -nomount I have an imagine I want to attach as a disk drive, but I don't want to mount it. The ...
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Determine exact size of DMG to hold data

Let's say that I have three files with the following sizes: FileA: 15468bytes FileB: 3874235bytes FileC: 10452326bytes and I want to create a UDIF, GPTSPUD, HFS+ DMG with hdiutil which will ...
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Converting .iso to .img in Mac OS X 10.6

I'm trying to convert an .iso file (Ubuntu disc image) to a .img file. I run a command like so: hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ubuntu.img ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso But no matter what, I get ...
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Shrink a .sparseimage

I have a .sparseimage that occupies 90GB of space on my hard drive despite only having 30GB of files in it. How can I reclaim the empty space used by the .sparseimage and compact the file?
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hdiutil on Linux

Anyone know of a Linux port of the Mac OS tool hdiutil (
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Bypass a licence agreement when mounting a DMG on the command line

I'm automating my Mac installation using puppet. As a part of it I need to install several programs that come in a .dmg format. I use the following to mount them: sudo /usr/bin/hdiutil mount -plist -...
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I'm unable to mount a DMG, getting a "no mountable filesystems" error

I downloaded a DMG of some commercial Mac software (CSSEdit) but I found that the DMG wouldn't mount. I tried another image from the same company, and then a number of images I had laying around from ...
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