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A hotfix is a single, cumulative package that includes one or more files that are used to address a problem in a software product, usually a single problem.

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Do hotfixes that span multiple product versions need to be reinstalled if a newer version is installed later?

Microsoft has a hotfix for KB2964358 as further described in MS14-021. This security update is for the following systems: Systems that are running Internet Explorer versions 6 through 10. Systems ...
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Where to download an old Microsoft hotfix that now results in a 404 error?

I need to download Microsoft's KB976811 for my Outlook 2007, that was previously available via: That now results in an http 404 error. Any idea where can I get ...
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What is the time format like 01d15614cbaee92c in Windows Hotfixes?

The timestamp (InstalledOn) format of Windows Hotfixes' is not regularity it is showing various types like MM-DD-YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD, YYYYMMDD and 01d15614cbaee92c. These values can be obtained from ...
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Can I delete the folders that Windows updates created in my root folder?

I notice a few folders like so in the root of my Windows 7 computer: C:\>dir /b 1258193cc8f2dcf7dadb1e fb586dbf00697c58228fdbfc ... Upon opening them, I notice they are hotfixes and patches ...
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No version of KB2919355 for Windows Server 2012 R2

I'm running a Windows 2012 R2 server that I need to install Visual Studio 2015 on. The issue I have is that KB2919355 is a prerequisite but when I try and download it from the Microsoft download page ...
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command to list missing windows hotfixes

When I run "systeminfo" in Windows, it shows a list of hot fixes that are installed in my computer, in the form of KBxxxxxxx. Is there a way (preferably command line) to know explicit what are the hot ...
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Can I inspect the application compatibility solutions?

Microsoft deploys application fixes since Windows XP in the the folder %systemroot%\AppPatch. They can provide: An application compatibility fix. This is a segment of code that replaces a ...
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list of available Windows HotFix IDs per Version

I'm working on a utility which extracts the installed HotFix IDs and compares them with the available HotFix IDs I'm executing the following wmi command to get the list of HotFix IDs wmic /output:\...
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WUSA not finding KB3114409

For context KB3114409 was that update for Microsoft Outlook which caused it to get stuck into safe mode. Link When I try to uninstall this update from machines using WUSA.exe and this command: wusa /...
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Why are "get-hotfix" and "wmic qfe list" in Powershell missing installed updates?

I'm trying to write a script to make sure a certain hotfix is installed. On one of our test computers running Windows 8.1, get-hotfix returns an incomplete list of hotfixes: Yet there are tons of ...
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Windows 10 Hotfix Installation Issue

I'm trying to install a particular piece of software from a manufacturers website. They have stated that it is 100% compatible with Windows 10, however I run in to this dialogue when trying to install:...
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"invoke-command" using wusa.exe in powershell - won't install the msu

I'm attempting to push a windows hotfix to a number of computers on our network, using PowerShell v3. I've downloaded the appropriate .msu file, I've been able to successfully install it from the ...
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Is KB948943 included in Office 2007 SP3

It's an old hotfix (released February 15, 2008) and it does not show on the list of hotfixes included with Office 2007 SP3 but the list only goes back to 2009. Does anyone know?
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Why is "Windows Update Cleanup" missing from my Disk Cleanup?

I'm trying to get rid of the excessive files inside the winsxs folder. However, there is no "Windows Update Cleanup" option in my Disk Cleanup dialog. I am told that installing this hotfix enables the ...
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More than 3.4 GB in windows 7? [duplicate]

I have windows 7 in 32 bit mode and apparently it doesn't know how to use more than 3.4 GB of RAM, but I have 8. I read about the PAE thing, and it is enabled on my system but it still limited to 3.4 :...
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How can I tell if a KB or newer has been installed for Windows?

I have a Windows system that I need to audit. The requirements is that (for example) KB2160329 has been installed onto the system. I know from lots of digging that KB2731847 that we have installed ...
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trying to install windows hotfix, but getting a negative exit code

I am trying to install windows-8-RT kb2771744 hotfix. I am getting a negative exit code: -2125124329 I converted that into hex: 7FDBFFE9 I looked around, I am not sure what to make of it.
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Cannot save to network drive using MS Office 2010 over SMB

I have recently installed MS Office 2010 on a Windows 7 laptop. Everything works except for saving onto the network drive using MS Office 2010 applications (Word, Excel, etc) Every time I try to ...
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Determine if Windows HotFix has been applied

I recently fixed a defect in our product by applying Microsoft hotfix. Some of our customers are still reporting that the issue remains with the hotfix applied. They are using pretty tightly ...
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How can I completely remove my Visual C++ Express installation?

I have a bunch of 'Hotfix for Visual C++ Standard 2010 Beta 1 - ENU' updates installed. As well as 1 'Hotfix for Microsoft Visual C++ Express - ENU' I have already completely uninstalled Visual C++ ...
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How can I download this hotfix from Microsoft?

This is the hotfix I'm after: They say that they will send me an email with the password, but the email they send doesn't actually include a password! (but ...
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Why doesn't hotfix password work?

I requested the hotfix downloads in this page and Microsoft sent them to me with passwords, but they don't work. Why and what can I do to change this? I ...
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UAC elevation prompt doesn't show password prompt. Why?

Windows 7; I've got UAC turned on, but I'm not logged in as an administrator. This means that when I click 'Run as Administrator', I'm prompted for the password for the Administrator account. Until ...
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Fixing "Dirty bits not set" problem?

How do I fix the "Dirty bits not set" error if I'm using a FAT32 system? I'm aware of the fsutil tool but apparently, it doesn't do it's job well on FAT32. Is there an alternative 3rd party software ...
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Excel 2007 - "Cannot complete this task with available resources"

The problem can be found in the title. I've been using Office since a very long time. Office 2000, 2003, and now 2007. My office is the Hungarian edition, the SP2 patch have been applied through the ...
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Windows Updates Folders (With Strange Names) in C drive

I have a Windows XP Professional SP 3. In my C drive, I have a lot of folders which I do not know why they exist. Sample these names - 1da9de11ed14f5da3b6ace4e25f5 a0332ef3abcaf03e49 What are they? ...
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