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Looking for a way to swap several HDD's quickly

I'm looking for a way to go through an absolute boat load of HDD's quickly, without having to open my PC and swap out drives. They are all 3.5" SATA drives that have data on that i may or may not ...
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How to properly insert/eject a drive from a hotswap bay?

I have a SATA disk I want to use into an ICYDOCK bay (hotswap capable and hotswap enabled into the BIOS) that has a power button for the disk. When I want to insert the disk on a running windows 10 : ...
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Swap space not updated

I just made my USB an additional swap and after all done I did not know how could I take the USB off my computer properly, so I just pulled it off. When I open htop the swap space that the USB ...
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Dual-Boot : Linux/Windows (mobo & hotswap options related)

I am currently running (successfully for the past 3 weeks) a dualboot system with : Windows 10 Pro 1909 for professionnal reasons and gaming [480GB SSD on Sata port 3] Arch Linux latest release for ...
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Turn SATA Hard drive on/off

I have 6 SATA disks. I need to put one on/off switch for each disk. When I don't use the disk, I want to turn it off instead of each time removing the SATA power cable. So my question is, The on/off ...
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How to get `lsblk` to recognise that a disk was taken off the system?

I have a CentOS 7 server with hot-swap disks. However, if I take out a disk (which is not mounted, and not part of an md RAID, or an LVM) off the server - lsblk still shows it. What actions (short of ...
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Can I cut sata power to a hard drive while the PC is running?

If I have write caching disabled on my internal hard drive, is it safe to disconnect SATA power without ejecting (using a program such as Hotswap!)? Thanks!
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Change devices in optical bay on the fly?

I'm wondering if there is any harm (e.g risk of data loss) in changing the device in my optical bay (e.g. from optical drive to HDD), while my operating system (BSD, Linux or Windows) is running? I ...
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Potential setups for Linux and windows vm, with gpu hotswap

Hardware I have a laptop with a 1tb hdd, a 256gb ssd, and an NVIDIA GTX 1050 gpu. My Question is there a setup that would allow for: Linux and a windows to run simultaneously, through KVM or the ...
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Identical SSDs on same port: Why is one SATA/600 and the other SATA/150?

Overview Over the course of a few months I purchased two of the same SSD from different stores (both 960GB SandDisk SSD PLUS, same firmware(Z33110RL) - just waited for them to be on sale) with the ...
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Hot-insert (non-RAID) SATA drive causes Intel RAID array to rebuild

Inserting a SATA drive into a “hot swap” tray causes a momentary problem that leads the Intel RST RAID 10 array to begin rebuilding. The first message from Intel begins like this: SATA array disk: ...
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What happens if you just unplug swap drive from running system?

I'm running heavily leaking apps on server which have already swapped out about 60gb of garbage in their over 100 days uptime. At the point when I've run out of swap for the first time (32gb) I ...
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Does a laptop have any hot swap risk when using a docking station?

Certain computer ports (such as PS/2, serial, parallel, VGA) are not hot swappable and there is a risk (maybe a low risk, but still a risk nonetheless) of damage if you disconnect a device from one of ...
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Thunderbolt 2.0 hot plug problems Windows 10

TL;DR: For some reason hot plugging my Thunderbolt dock is not working correctly on my new laptop. I am trying to determine if I've overlooked a troubleshooting step. Problem: If the dock is ...
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SATA3 and Hotswap mainboard?

Currently I am on a budget and I want to buy a cheap Intel Pentium mainboard but I need Sata3 and Hotswap. I eyeballed the MSI H81M-P33 is this any good for hotswap?
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Demystifying SATA hotplug

I have a BIOS that has an option to enable hot-plug on individual ports. I have a sliding enclosure for HDD and SSD (nothing more than a pass-trhu to power and a sata port) that allow me to cut power ...
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How can I get the ID of an online disk in a ZFS pool?

I rotate physical disks in and out of my mirrored ZFS zpool (using ZoL) to use for offsite backups; to help streamline the process I've been using udev rules to respond to the drives being swapped. ...
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Is safe to switch battery while laptop is on and plugged?

I want to know if is safe to switch my laptop battery while I'm using the laptop, with the AC charger connected. Will the laptop shut down? Will the battery be damaged? Thank you
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Difference hot-swap bay cage with and without tray (trayless)

What exactly is the difference between a normal hot-swap bay cage and a trayless hot-swap bay cage? I know that a trayless hot-swap cage looks like this video. So what's the difference with a normal ...
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SATA hot swap (AHCI mode), unplug data or power cable first?

How to hotswap Sata HDDs? After I choose 'Safely remove hardware' -> 'Eject WDC xxxxx ATA Device' what should I do? I've read this: 1-For unplugging I should unplug the data cable first then the power ...
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How do you auto mount hot swappable sata drives based on what sata port it is attached to?

I'm looking to auto mount hot swappable sata hdd's. There are multiple drives so identifying them via their UUID's is out of the question. I've searched but can't find a suitable option. The ...
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Is it possible to hot-swap java code between two separate computers? [closed]

I want to use two separate computers: one for programming an application and one for testing. Is it possible to run the java program in between the two computers without having to build every time i ...
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Did I just fail at hot plugging a drive?

I have a small home server built around a Lian Li PC-Q25 case with a SATA backplate advertising itself as hot pluggable. The motherboard is Asus P8H77-I. I have 4 SATA drives attached to the backplate ...
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Moving around display connections in many monitor, multiple workstation setup (hdmi switch?)

I have a 6 screen setup with 3 workstations, and generally my layout works ok. However, depending on what task I'm currently working on, different screen layouts would be more optimal. For example, ...
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My thermaltake chassisV9 blackx edition support hot swap of hdd in the top bays?

I have a thermaltake chassis v9 blackx edition, can I disconnect a hard drive connected to the top bay while the computer is on? There is any configuration, motherboard, bios settings, or software ...
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Can standard hard drives be used in hot swap trays?

I am a little confused about this. I understand that hot swappable hard drives are considerably more expensive than a standard internal drive, but is that due to the tray? If I have a case that ...
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Does virtualbox support hot adding memory?

I have an Ubuntu VM that's thrashing swap due to a small guest memory allocation on a host with lots of free ram. It appears the guest kernel is compiled to support hot-adding RAM, is there way to ...
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2 identical PCs - can I swap a single hard drive between and expect Windows 7/XP to work?

I currently work in 2 different locations, traveling between the 2 every few weeks or so. I currently have screens, kb, mouse etc... in both locations, so I just pick up my tower case when I want to ...
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Unable to HotSwap HFS+ Formatted SATA Drives (on a Windows Machine)

I'm having problems getting HFS formatted drives to hotswap on my Windows 7 Machine I have 2x Manhattan SATA drive racks installed in my computer connected to the GSATA ports on my Gigabyte EX58-UD3R....
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Hot swap in Ubuntu Server not working

I am running Ubuntu Server 10.04 (lucid lynx), and I just purchased a hot-swap compatible hdd bay and installed it. When I insert a hot-swappable SATA drive, the drive does not show up after running ...
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Does plugging and un-plugging hot-swappable hardware use an exorbitant amount of memory?

I recently bought a KVM switch to switch between a single-monitor tower setup and a laptop + extra monitor setup (meaning the laptop and tower share one monitor.) I've started experiencing BSOD's on ...
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How do I enable hot plug / hot swap with a Marvell eSATA port in an ASUS P8P67 LE mainboard?

I just built a new PC with an ASUS P8P67 LE motherboard. This board has two Marvell SATA ports, one of them is a regular SATA port and the other one is a back e-SATA port (colored in red). My e-SATA ...
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Motherboard beeps when disconnecting sata drive

I'm trying to setup a sata enclosure so that I may use hot swappable drives for my Microsoft SBS 2011. I have set it up with AHCI so that I could supposedly take advantage of hot swapping sata. I can ...
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How to swap non-memory usb devices?

There are plenty of tools for umounting/mounting/automounting usb flash/pen drives/dongles/hard drives. There's the Device Notifier on kde 4, for example. But what about other devices like ...
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is it safe to unplug a USB drive while Windows is in sleep/hibernate/off mode?

I have a portable USB flash drive that I use with my netbook. When I'm on the go, it is convenient to be able to simply close the lid and remove my flash drive without first having to use Windows's ...
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Is it safe to hot swap a PS/2 keyboard?

I've always powered down machine to change out PS/2 peripherals. Is it necessary?
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Can I connect a SATA hard drive to to my PC, while it is running?

I am trying to do a hard drive recovery, and want to know if I unplug and plug the hard drive back in, while the PC is on (running Windows 7). This is a secondary hard drive, not the primary one. I ...
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