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Laptop crashes while booting if battery is removed

I have an old laptop that i decided to use as a media center for my TV. Since it would be used for long periods of time, with the power plugged in, it would damage the battery, so I removed the ...
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Is there a way to see just the videos from iPhoto?

My library is getting too large. I'd like to remove the videos so I can manage them separately. I suppose if there was a way to sort the library by media type, then I could drag all the videos to a ...
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Move and upgrade iPhoto 09 to iPhoto 11

I have an existing iPhoto 09 library on one Mac, I have another Mac with a iPhoto 11 library few photos in a, I'd like to move all the existing photos from 10 to 11 but preserve the albums and what ...
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4 answers

How to view & copy iPhone photos on Mac OS X without iPhoto

From Mac OS X version 10.6 onwards, Apple insists that we buy iLife for exploring photos from the iPhone. In previous versions of OS X, I could easily explore my iPhone photos, using iPhoto directly ...
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How to create new iWeb Theme (iLife)

Is it possible to create new iWeb Theme? How can I do it? Is there any place where I can download themes other than those that came with iLife?