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How do I resize an animated GIF and keep transparency?

I tried to resize an animated GIF with transparency, but it turned the background a solid white. How do I keep the transparency? I read and tried >set ...
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Setting default Shape Transparency for Visio 2013

In Visio 2010, I could select the Fill option with no shape selected and set the transparency default to say 40% and then all shapes drawn after that were drawn at that transparency. How can I do the ...
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2 answers

How to find (or sort into sub-folder) multiple TIFF images with layers and/or transparency?

I have a folder with many TIFF files which I need to convert to JPEG. However some of the files have layers and/or transparency and these I don't want to convert. So how can I move these TIFF files ...
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Can Windows 7 Paint (aka Microsoft Paint) handle transparency?

I need to edit a small image that uses transparency bits. I edited it in Paint that is included in Windows 7, and lost all the transparency. Can the Paint app that is included with Windows 7 (aka ...
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How do I add a background to a transparent png in gimp?

I have a png file with a transparent background. I would like to add a non-transparent background from a jpg. I have tried: Open the transparent png file. I see the picture with the checkerboard ...
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Turn monotone background in transparent

On the internet, you usually get images, that originally were PNGs with aplha chanel and were pasted on white background. Is there some way to substract the white from the zones, where the semi-...
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4 answers

Changing transparency in

Given a bitmap image such as PNG (which may already have sections with varying degrees of transparency), how do I change the transparency level of a section?
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how to change the color that's used for transparency automatically, or programmatically?

For every picture (e.g. bmp, png), a transparent point actually does have a color The transparency is either defined by alpha channel mask (e.g. in PNG) or one of the colors is defined as ...
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Is there any way to save a PNG-8 file with Alpha Transparency in Photoshop?

I recently discovered something that I previous thought was impossible: PNG-8 files can store Alpha Transparency in the same way as PNG-32 files can. Not Indexed Transparency (like GIFs), but full on ...
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Is it possible to see other layers while scaling an image in Gimp?

I have 2 layers in Gimp: an image of human and environment bounding polyline I'm trying to scale the image to put human in the bounding polyline, but when I use a scale tool I see only the image I'...
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Bulk convert PNG-24 to PNG-8 files with best quality

Can anybody recommend a good method of bulk converting a large amount of PNG-24 files to PNG-8 with as little loss of quality as possible and maintaining transparency? I've tried ImageMagick but the ...
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