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Can you programatically tell if the webcam is in use?

I'm trying to run some commands when I start and stop using the (built in) webcam on my 2015 iMac running Catalina. It sounds like historically lsof | grep "AppleCamera" would once tell me ...
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How do I adjust the camera exposure on my iSight?

My iSight camera defaults to a too-low exposure, which means my face is washed-out when I'm on a video call. Is there a way to adjust the camera exposure for the iSight?
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isight not working, lost it after upgrade

right now i am running the OS X Yosemite 10.10, after upgrading my OS X i lost my camera, i tried everything in the forums, but nothing helped. i can't FaceTime, or Skype or anything. normally i ...
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Disable only one of two connected iSight cameras?

I have two Apple TB displays connected to my laptop, ant I'm running into all kinds of problems having both iSight cameras detected. Is there any way to selectively disable just one of the cameras? I'...
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Is it possible to supply an image as a camera feed in OSX?

Is it possible to replace the video feed that my iSight camera gives to a process with a still image, a movie, or an animated gif? I've seen some apps do this, b
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Can I use the iSight Camera as a mirror?

Is there an OSX app that simply gives me a live feed of the iSight camera "always on top", always visible on the screen no matter what I'm doing?
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How do I disable the iSight camera on Mac OS 10.6?

I want to disable my camera. Have it stop working. Have all applications that can use the camera to be unable to use the camera anymore. I would cut it out physically from the device if that wouldn't ...
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How can I use my iSight camera in VirtualBox?

I am running Windows XP through VirtualBox on a macbook and I would like to access the webcam. Here's what I've tried so far: I have installed the driver found in this post, but no luck. The Device ...
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How do I install Boot Camp drivers without installing Boot Camp

I am using Skype on Windows XP Pro (SP3) that is running quite well on a VMware Fusion virtual machine. Skype tells me that I need to install the Apple Boot Camp Drivers for the iN-sight Web Camera ...
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Problem with macbook pro default iSight(built-in iSight)

I have many trouble with my iSight, in skype in show green video instead of my video, in "image capture" iSight was not recogonized , just it was recognized in "photo Booth". When I wanted to switch ...
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Reset isight without shutting down

I'm running Snow Leopard on a macbook pro. Sometimes when I move the screen, isight will stop working. When it stops working, I have to restart the computer to get it to start working again. Question ...
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How to disable iSight auto adjustments?

The built-in iSight cam on my MacBook machine keeps re-adjusting the lighting (and focus I think). I need to manually set those, but I found nothing of any use in System Preferences or System Profiler....
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OS X taking a photo with the iSight using a command-line tool?

Is there a utility that is able to run from the command line to capture a single frame of the iSight inbuilt (and external?) camera? This would save to an image file. I have searched on Google and ...
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Mac builtin video camera (iSight) stopped working

The video camera built in to my Mac laptop seems to have stopped working. When I bring up Photo Booth, for example, it just shows a video camera icon crossed out. Similarly for other applications. ...
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How to find which app is using iSight (the iMac camera)

How do I find out which application has the camera open on an iMac (Running Leopard)? The green light is on indicating the camera is in use as well as photo booth can't connect to the camera. The ...
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