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Questions tagged [krita]

Questions about Krita, a free and open source painting program.

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Krita works, but no (python) plugins

I'm trying to install some Krita plugins and they are Python based. My Krita version is 5.1.3 (this is newer than the minimal 5.0 for python plugins) and I have Python3 installed already. The menu ...
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What causes icons in the Taskbar to become duplicated like this?

I have Krita installed on Windows 10. I have its icon pinned in the Taskbar. In my "Start-up" dir, I have a shortcut to Krita.exe with the flag --load-session "stuff", in order ...
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Krita on two monitors

My problem is related to the fact that i have two the same (1920x1080) monitors connected and want to work on a single monitor with krita. So the fact is that the whole area of my tablet is mapped to ...
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How to export all layers as a separate sequences in Krita?

I was hoping someone could please offer some help with Krita? I know how to export all layers separately as a single image, but I cannot export all layers separately as a sequence? Does anyone know ...
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Linux Mint 18.2, Krita window missing maximize button and can't resize vertically

I'm brand new to Linux, just installed Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon (Sonya) on my Dell Latitude XT2 laptop. For every problem I encountered exploring this strange new OS, I managed to find solutions. ...
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Windowed applications' contents stretched out, incorrect visual mouse position

Windows 10 is giving me a hard time in certain applications: Krita and Minecraft. I'm using my processor's built-in Intel HD Graphics 530 as my GPU, and for well over a year it has had no issues ...
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How can I see the current x and y position of my mouse in Krita?

I have an image open in Krita 3.1.3 (on a Mac) and I'm trying to determine where a part of the image starts so that I can batch process some crops with ImageMagick. (It's a spritesheet.) In most ...
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GIMP 2.8.16 unable to open ORA files

I'm trying to edit/combine paintings I did in Krita with GIMP. Because GIMP can't open .kra files I saved them as .ora files. However, GIMP is unable to open any .ora files, including ones I made ...
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Why do Opacity and Size selectors in Krita get disabled all the time?

The Opacity and Size selectors in the top menu of Krita get disabled ever so often. I have not managed to re-enable them during the same session. If I open a new file, they are enabled again. Is there ...
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How to speed up Krita?

I'm trying Krita for the first time (version 3.0), following this Bob Ross tutorial with some custom brushes: Krita is very laggy and slow - such that I ...
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Export Krita Layers to Single Images

When I have multiple layers in Krita, how can I export each layer as an individual image?
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