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Why is NVMe better than ATA?

SATA M.2 SSDs use SATA on the physical layer and ATA as software protocol for data transmission. NVMe M.2 SSDs use PCIe on the physical layer and NVMe as software protocol for data transmission. I was ...
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Understanding M.2 protocols

(Some things I say in this question are false. Don't forget to read the accepted answer.) First I want to say that there is no SATA software protocol for data transmission. SATA CD drives, SATA HDDs ...
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How to connect mini PCIe that uses USB to PCIe?

I have a Quectel LTE-A EM160R-GL which I need to connect to a motherboard, this module is using M.2 using the USB interface. I have read similar posts such as these: Does a mini PCIe to PCIe slot ...
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Upgrade M.2 to NVMe

I am using lenovo v310-15ikb. I am using Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD, SATA M.2. However, I want to switch to the higher model NVMe, but I am not sure if my computer is compatible. What is a way to find ...
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HP Laptop (HP pavilion 15 ck018nl) and NVME specs

I have this laptop and I'd like to replace it's 120GiB M2 SATA with an NVMe one but I can't find the specs of the slot, could please someone help me, the motherboard is the HP841C (yes, it has the ...
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Broken m2 socket on laptop

My laptop, an Asus UX305F bought in 2015 stopped working two days ago. I had a "hard disk not found" error when booting. After some checks on the SSD (a micron m600 mtfddav256mbf), it turns ...
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PCIe 4.0 m2 SSD in 3.0 notebook: speeds and general compatibility? (WD SN750 vs SN850)

I am in the process of upgrading multiple laptops: a Lenovo L14 AMD, an E15 AMD and a recently ordered Lenovo L14 G2 AMD (5750U) with a 1TB SSD. I was wondering if I should be using the Western ...
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Does Intel Intel AX20 bluetooth require antenna?

I just bought a Intel AX201NGW bluetooth + WIFI card to go on my M2 slot. It didn't come with an antenna, and, while the computer can see the card (as both WIFI and bluetooth), I cannot connect to any ...
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How do I get Linux to use pcie m.2 interface with ssd

I bought a PCIe m.2 interface for one of my SSDs. When I load up linux, the drive does not appear in the output of lsblk. I can find the interface in lspci. If I physically remove the card from the ...
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unable to see pcie nvme ssd content on windows when plugged in via usb

I have a 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD whose contents I'm trying to read. I'm using a Sabrent M.2 SSD to 2.5-Inch SATA III Aluminum Encloser Adapter and a SYBA SI-ADA20155 1.58 ft. USB 3.0 Cable IO Crest USB 3....
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Asus Z170-A M.2 SSD and PCIe - Can I run more than one in RAID?

I have an Asus Z170-A that's now a few years old. When I bought it I could only afford conventional 250GB SATA SSD and 1TB HDD combination. My Steam games are on the HDD. With prices falling I would ...
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How to enable M.2 SSD storage on Asus TUF B360M-Plus Gaming?

I'm having an issue with my new SSD M.2 NVMe (1.3) device not showing up as a storage device. I entered the BIOS, but the M.2 device does not show up/it isn't selectable as a bootable drive. I can see ...
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Install M.2 SSD on laptop when there is no slot for it

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3567 which, like the official website says, doesn't have an M.2 slot, and the only solution is to replace my already installed HDD with a SATA SSD, which I don't wanna do. ...
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Use M.2 SSD with SATA drive

I bought a Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2 in 1 laptop, which has a SATA hard drive. I bought an M.2 SSD to replace the HDD drive. If I use an M.2 to SATA adapter, will the SSD replacement work? Will there ...
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M.2 SSD compatibility with my laptop

I have a ThinkPad P50 and I am planning to buy and install an M.2 SSD on it. The laptop has two built-in M.2 SSD slots. M.2 SSD slot #1: The laptop came with an M.2 SSD with the OS installed on it. ...
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Can mSata or M.2 SSD in be instaled Wi-FI or DVD ports?

I have a standard Acer Aspire 7739G laptop. I want to buy a mSATA, but I don't know if my laptop supports them. I don't have an mSATA port in my motherboard. I don't know if an mSSD or M.2 SSD can ...
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Dell Latitude E5550 M.2 slots - what can I use?

I will get a new laptop Dell Latitude E5550, I do not know exact sub-model spec yet. From the spec sheet: Two M.2 Expansion slots: 1 WWAN/HCA and 1 WLAN/BT/WiGig Can I be sure that it will have ...
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