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Chrome on W10 cannot remember my default magnet handler

In chrome://settings/handlers, for magnet links, I can see my BitTorrent client's URL. However the default is always missing, so I click on the 3 dot menu and Set as default A Default will be added ...
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Are there an standards for magnetic charging cable for USB-C type connectors? [closed]

I have a disproportionate number of problems related to my USB-C interfaces on my cellphones (dust/lint in the jack, excess wear and-tear causing me to have to change the USB connector on the phone. ...
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Can a subwoofer's magnet damage laptop's hard drives?

My laptop (one ssd, one hdd) sits on the (turned off) subwoofer. Does the speakers' magnet shorten the lifespan of my storage devices? Cheers, Dominic
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Chrome doesn't open automatically magnet links anymore

I had to do a profile reset since the "Translate to" option in context menu stopped worked; after I did the reset, any time I open a magnet link instead of it automatically beginning downloading it ...
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Magnet not redirecting on uTorrent

On downloading VLC Torrent Streamer, the torrent magnets now get redirected to VLC, and I am unable to change it back to uTorrent. I tried deleting the magnet-redirect plugin that got installed in VLC,...
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A few questions about HDDs and magnets

It is possible to corrupt data and even destroy a hard drive when running a powerful magnet over it. So I have a few question. Now if the magnet was powerful enough, can a drive be destroyed only if ...
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(Relatively) strong magnets on a laptop?

I'm designing a tablet holder that can be taken into an operating room. For sterilization and production reasons it would be aventageous if I would make the tablet attach to the holder via magnets. ...
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How strong of a magnet would be needed to mess up this hardware?

I just bought a magnetic dry erase board that also came with 2 small magnets. I intend to carry these items everyday in my backpack alongside my laptops and my phone. Some days, I will have my Lenovo ...
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Can I get magnet link for a particular file in a torrent having multiple files in it?

Most torrents have multiple files in it. My question is that can i get magnet link of a one particular file in a torrent?
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Chrome won't launch external application after clicking "start application" within "external protocol request" dialog

After clicking on a magnet link (for example one at: Chrome will show the usual "external protocol request" dialog where it asks whether to ...
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Dropped some of the "sand" from my magnetic hour glass in my desktop case

Earlier today my magnetic hourglass broke and some of the sand fell into my case. Nothing has happened yet and most of it seems to be sitting on top of the gpu. I am going to clean it soon but just ...
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Could the magnet used in smartphone covers damage the device?

I am reading reviews of a smartphone cover with magnetic lock and some people reported that the magnet causes their phone screen to go dark. why is this happening and could this actually damage the ...
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How can I make lynx to associate magnet: links with aria2c?

I use lynx, but everytime I need to open a magnet: link I need to save it and then, get out of lynx and then cat lynx_bookmarks.html copy the link and the pass it to the command line as a parameter ...
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Can magnets damage or wipe a laptop hard drive? [duplicate]

Suppose my small brother is playing magnets near my Dell laptop. Will a magnet wipe data from the hard drive, or otherwise irreversibly damage the hard drive?
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Networking equipment proximity to magnets

I have a small networking rack (4 switches, router, PDU) and a 188W RMS 10" subwoofer (Logitech Z-5500). How closely may I position these two items before the magnetic field of the speaker ...
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Is it safe to have a USB stick under this situation? [duplicate]

I found this kind of magnet key ring: Is it safe to attach one end to an USB stick?
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Why a Magnet turns the laptop display off? [closed]

I remember when I touched the lower left corner of the laptop keyboard with a strong magnet (such as a microwave magnetron), the screen immediately went off (black) and when I removed the magnet it ...
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Data safety: How error-prone are SSDs compared to HDDs

I recently bought an SSD ( When I tell this to other people, I always get warnings in reply: "SSDs highly error-prone. save your data on a magnetic ...
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Create and seed a torrent from scratch, via magnet

I have a video file I've created. I'd like to share it to the kind/size of audience that makes me think bittorrent would be a great distribution mechanism. A sort of semi-private "those who have the ...
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Can magnets used in boxes affect CD/DVD discs?

I've had a paranoid fear that any magnet would wreck a CD/DVD. A while back, I got a bunch of Puela Magi Madoka Magica rings and necklaces, the boxes they came in open up like a book. It has a flap ...
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What is the tolerable magnetic field (in Tesla) for a hard disk?

I was wondering what would be the safest magnetic field for a hard drive so that the data inside it is safe and not wiped off? For example I have a 2.1 home theatre system and when I take my android ...
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Is it possible that my laptop shut down because my mobile is too close?

If I put my phone on my notebook's left corner, it shuts down. Can anybody give me reliable explanation as to why this is happening??
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Chrome magnet links open up Firefox

When I try to download a torrent using a magnet link it first opens firefox, and then it opens transmission. Is there a way to fix this? I want chrome to directly open up transmission, not ...
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Where can I associate the magnet protocol in Firefox?

I am not able to associate magnet protocol in FF. I am using Ubuntu 11.10 with FF 10.0.2. Created the following in about:config and restarted FF, but still getting the below message. Boolean Name: ...
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Is it possible to wipe SSD with strong magnetic force?

I know it is possible to wipe a hard disk, but I'm wondering if something similar can be done to SSD disks as well?
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How is the interference of magnetic field of adjacent platters managed?

I know roughly how hard-drives work; that the hard-drive involves multiple platters and multiple heads. A platter is a disk coated with some magnetic material and capable of being spun at high RPM. ...
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Can Screwdrivers With Magnetic Tips Cause Damage To Electronics?

While it is convenient to pick screws with magnetized tips I wonder if the magnetism can cause any damage to electronics?
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Can a (notebook) hard drive be affected by magnets, such as those in a headphone or a cell phone'?

I would like to carry the notebook computer around, together with the ear-bud headphones and the cell phone. But since ear-bud headphones have magnets into it, can't it affect the notebook's hard ...
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Magnetic material near computer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What computer components are currently vulnerable to magnets? Is it safe to keep a magnetic material near the computer? Does the magnetic material affect the performance of ...
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Life expectancy of fan with magnetic bearing?

In my laptop, the only fan has magnetic bearing. I haven't seen much information about life expectancy of computer fans with magnetic bearing, so I'm asking you how long can I expect it to last? I ...
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Magnets are bad for your computer; What about amps? Speakers?

I have a Kenwood KA-4006 Amp that I have connected to my MacBook. I know that speakers have magnets in them. I just wanted to verify that there are no magnets in the amp that will mess with my Mac. ...
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What computer components are currently vulnerable to magnets?

When I first started using computers, law of the land in computer class was never bring magnets near anything computer related, lest you lose all your data or screw up your monitor. Now I am pretty ...
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Why is my MacBook Pro magnetized?

I just tilted up my MacBook Pro to look at a piece of paper underneath it, and the lid touched a bottlecap on the table, clinging to it quite strongly. The whole top edge of the laptop (on the outside)...
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