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Highlight Incoming Mails That Were Forwarded to Me in Outlook

I am facing with a stupid issue on my part: whenever I receive a message, I always stop at the (lengthy) signature of the sender, and never check whether there is anything after it. This is especially ...
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Can I create rule to filter all mails to spam except [email protected] in Outlook [duplicate]

In Outlook I want to create a rule that filters or forwards all emails except the one from my organisation domain (eg. *** Any rule which can block or move to spam others apart from ...
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Outlook export a rule which sends to sent folder

I have a rule which sends an item to my sent folder. Is there a way to export this rule so that when somebody else imports it the item would go to their sent folder? not my sent folder
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Why does an Outlook mail rule not work with Office365 undeliverability mails?

We would like to forward incoming Office365 undeliverability mails ("Office 365 Your message to ... couldn´t be delivered ...) containing a special phrase within subject or body to a different ...
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Distribution list messages should get into focused tab

I'm getting messages from a distribution list that people are sending to, it's going into the other tab in outlook. When I'm trying to set it should get moved automatically to focused, it only gives ...
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how to rule:send email after email moved to folder?

I would like to create a rule that does the following. Email comes in After I move the read email into a folder/subfolder, it triggers a rule to send an email to a specific user that this email was ...
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Outlook displaying links beside text instead of making link clickable

For some reason, all outgoing messages that are sent via a mailboxrule using a template, shows links inside angle brackets beside the text that is supposed to be clickable. It should look like this: ...
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2 answers

How to set time based rules in Outlook [duplicate]

My employer sends out lots of internal marketing and "aren't we great" emails that I don't read. I currently have a rule which moves the emails sent by the worst offenders to a CompanyName Spam folder ...
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How to remove messages based on age or message count in Outlook 2013

Is there any way to delete emails in a folder after there are a certain number of emails in the folder? Or would it be easier just to set up a rule to delete all emails in the folder at the end of a ...
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Add rule to filter multiple from addresses in Outlook 2010

We are using Outlook 2010. We want to add filter to move some mails from particular mail id to one folder. Any option in Outlook 2010 to add more than one "from" address to same rule?
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Create Rule from Message: Win 7? Where is it?

There are things I much prefer in Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail: one of those things is the ability to create a Mail Rule whilst viewing a message. You would simply do so andthe new rule would ...
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Where do Client-only rules execute on a single profile with multiple Outlooks open?

I have two outlooks 2007 open on two different machines logged in to the same account. The issue is I have is with client-only rules for sound alerts executing intermittently. All other rules work ...
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Apple Mail dosen't execute rule

I want Apple Mail to mark all spam mails as read when they come in fomr IMAP. My provider marks them already with *****SPAM**** in the subject. Therefore I created this rule (Sorry for the german ...
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How to automatically enable an outlook rule after it fails?

I have many rules enabled in my Outlook 2007, many rules fail and get disabled this creates a mess in my inbox. Is it possible for me automatically enable rule after it fails due to an offending email ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Sharing Outlook mail rules

If one user has a set of useful mail rules they want to give to someone else, Outlook doesn't appear to support this properly. Even if the destination mailbox has all the correct folders created with ...
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7 answers

How to determine what Outlook rule was applied?

I have a number of rules that filter mail to my deleted items folder. Sometimes it seems a rule applies to a message which I did not intend it to apply to. How can you "debug" which rule applied to ...
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