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mediawiki extension which provides functionality which mediawiki does not provide "out of the box".

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Peer review on a Mediawiki wiki?

Is it possible to somehow implement peer review on a Mediawiki wiki, like developers do with pull requests on GitHub? That way before an edit goes live, peers can review, discuss if necessary, ask for ...
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SyntaxHighlight - MediaWiki - Centos 8

So I am using Centos 8 Stream starting from minimal install and I have built a functioning MediaWiki v1.35.4 accessible within my local network with httpd(apache). I am trying to utilize ...
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Updating Semantic Mediawiki using Composer fails for unknown reason. What can I do to make it work?

I am pretty new in this field but I managed to install and run Mediawiki (1.31.0) and Semantic MediaWiki (2.5.6) with an external provider. Now I am trying to upgrade to Semantic Mediawiki 3.0 ...
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Mediawiki automatic "list of __" with descriptions?

list of foo pages on Wikipedia are manually updated. Can I automate that on my own mediawiki? I want a automatically generated list of foo page with a table that contains a name and description of ...
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Mediawiki extension "wikidiff2" not working (diffs are empty)

I have a problem where the diffs on a MediaWiki that I'm responsible for are always empty. $wgExternalDiffEngine is not set in my LocalSettings.php, so it should be defaulting to false, which is "...
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wiki is currently unable to handle this request

I need to show mathematical terms in mediawiki-1.26.2 so I tried to install SimpleMathJax on mediawiki. I followed the described in extension page: I downloaded then extract, ...
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MediaWiki word thesaurus graph extension

I use MediaWiki on Ubuntu. Is there a way to create word thesaurus graph from categories of MediaWiki? For example like this image:
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MediaWiki distributed wiki plugin

I was wondering if something like this already exists or not — I would like to have a distributed wiki that is hosted on various servers using MediaWiki. Basically, this would affect searches ...
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Is it possible to use MediaWiki Math extension for Semantic Media Wiki annotations?

We are building a knowledge base storing a lot of formulas. For presentation purposes, all our formulas are displayed inside a <math>...</math> pair of tags. We recently enabled SMW ...
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MediaWiki: show bots in recent changes by default?

I am running some pywikibot code on a couple of wikis. I constantly find myself going to [[Special:Recentchanges]] and then clicking the "show bots" link (which adds &hidebots=0 as a parameter). ...
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mediawiki: LDAP Authentication error

am using, php5+mysql+ldap . i had configured php and mysql with mediawiki. its working fine. But iwant to provide LDAP users authentication login and aswellas general users login. i was installed ...
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Math extension in mediawiki on windows

I want to put some mathematical formulas in a mediawiki install on a local WAMP server. I'm currently trying to install the math extension but I can't get it to work. I've followed the instructions ...
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Using convert template from Wikipedia throwing Scribunto error

I imported the convert template (Template:convert) from Wikipedia to use on my Wiki; it throws the following error when used: Internal Eroror [18eba24f] 2013-07-09 15:00:33: Fatal exception of type ...
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How do I delete all non-confirmed users in MediaWiki

I had an issue that bots/spammers have created hundreds of users on our mediawiki page. They are not harmful, since a user needs to be confirmed before it can edit, and neither have been. I have now ...
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How do I run php scripts on a host's server via command line?

I have a hosting provider with mediawiki installed, I am trying to install an extension and I have to navigate to a directory on their server and run an install.php script. How do i do this? I have ...
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