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How does one create a Matrix chat with a limit on the number of messages?

For Matrix chat, I would like to set up a channel which closes once a certain number of messages have been sent. This is just a way to share a structured, temporary messaging environment with somebody,...
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How to create a message-box in Windows 10 with the same style as shutdown message-box

I'm writing a .bat file and I want to create a message box with the style used when displaying shutdown messages, such as the screenshot below (obviously without saying "your'e about to signed ...
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What other encrypted messaging platforms are there like Signal that provide encrypted form of communication without going through 3rd party servers? [closed]

I was wondering what other messenger applications that are like Signal that is fully encrypted for communications without. Is there one that doesn't involve a 3rd party but peer to peer chatting and ...
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Sending/receiving SMS and USSD dialing on HP ProBook 4530s w/ SIM card

I have an HP ProBook 4530s that has an inbuilt sim card slot. I have been able to activate Cellular data usage meaning I can use my sim card data to access the internet. What I am unable to do is ...
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What is the easiest way to send a file or a text message from a server to a client if SSH is not an option?

What is the easiest way to send a file or a text message securely from a server to a client if SSH is not an option? Hello, I am working on a cloud server and I want to send a small file or text ...
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Facebook connection to IRC client

It is possible to connect facebook messenger to pidgin irc client, but is there a method to connect it with hex chat client?
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Where does Skype Desktop 8.x for Windows store its messages, it stopped using main.db [duplicate]

On my machine, since 24 July 2018, Skype Desktop 8.x for Windows 7 (Skype version does not store its messages anymore in C:\Users\UserNameHere\AppData\Roaming\Skype\SkypeUserNameHere\main....
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Windows 10 Messaging problems

My Windows 10 Messaging app seems to have problems. Until September 10th my SMS messages were showing up. Now they do not. I'm running 10.0.14393.447. The settings page on the Messaging app also ...
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Can the Kik Messenger be installed on a laptop running on Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit OS? [duplicate]

I live in India an in the last month I bought Lenovo laptop fitted with x64-based Intel 6th Generation Core i5 Processor. This laptop came pre-installed with the Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-...
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Why are Skype messages showing up out of order?

Recently, I saw a one-line Skype message dated 7:36 AM. I saw and responded to this message with one line at 9:39 AM. The other person wrote three lines back again in the early afternoon, which I did ...
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How can I send a single message to multiple services at once (Email, Skype, Twitter, etc)? [closed]

I'd like to be able to notify my friends when I'm about to stream live. The problem is that there isn't really one messaging service that they all use. Some use Twitter, some only go on Skype or ...
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How to disable Messaging on Windows 10?

Is there a way to stop Windows 10's Messaging from notifying? How can I Quit it? I would like to be able to switch it on and off according to my needs: is it possible? Thanks!
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Send message to all users connected to router warning about reboot

I was curious if there was a way to send a message to all the computers connected to the router, specifically the message "Rebooting router in X minutes. Save any online work." I have an ASUS RT-...
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replacement for Net Send

Is there any replacement for Net Send, I believe it was called, we can implement for our 60+ computers at work? We would like the ability to : 1) send messages to all logged on users and 2) send ...
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How to include a short digital message in a sound recording

I wish to superimpose a short digital message, less than a kB, at an above audible frequency, but still low enough to be transmitted over FM radio stations, and then detect and decode that signal. ...
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MSG command send hypertext link

So I can send messages from one Windows user to the other without a problem. But how about if I wanted I send message with a hypertext link, is this possible? Here's what I thought of but doesn't work....
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Ubuntu Message to Windows 7 not working?

After alot of google searching, I see it is possible to send a message from a Ubuntu computer to Windows XP computer with the follow smbclient code. echo "hello world" | smbclient -M "WindowsHost" . ...
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Windows 8 sends duplicate message to facebook user

I'm facing issue with Windows 8 Metro messaging app. It send duplicate message to user if he's accessing facebook with smartphone. Any message I send, appears twice, however user receives only single ...
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How can I block messenger spam on Windows 8?

I'm using Windows 8 with the Metro Messaging app. I can't work out how to block messenger spam, there doesn't seem to be an option either within the app or within the online live account settings. I'm ...
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Sending lots of messages to facebook [closed]

I'm doing a research for my masters degree and I found in a facebook a group of people (about 400 of them) that would be perfect to ask to fill my questionnaire. What I'm concerned about, is if I get ...
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How to use in OS X Lion forever

I received today an email from Apple stating will not work anymore in OS X Lion by mid December. I do not want to update to Mountain Lion yet. Is it there some way to continue using ...
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iMessage not working [closed]

I'm not sure if here is the right place to ask, migrate if you think it does not. Recently I have a lot of problems with Apple's iMessage service. On a regular basis it tells me that the recipient is ...
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How to stop Windows 8 from automatically signing into MSN?

In the Metro environment I have the Messaging app, and it automatically signs to MSN, which I do not want. How can I turn off this feature?
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Is there any way to send messages from the command line in Vista?

I was doing some tutorials on batch scripting when I came across a command prompt messenger tutorial that explained how to message someone directly from their computer. I followed the tutorial and ...
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Two IBM Websphere MQ Questions

o/s IBM AIX 5.3 WMQ Version 6.0 Question1: Replicating a queue manager and its queues - Is it OK to copy over contents of /var/mqm from one server to the other and expect everything to work fine? ...
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How can I delete a private queue from MSMQ when all the security users have been removed?

We have a message queue on our queue server to which no-one has access. During a test we removed all the users from the queue. Now no-one can access it at all.
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How to disable broadcast messages on my linux session?

I get every 10 min many broadcast messages (maybe by other user). How can I disable those broadcast messages, in order to not see them on my screen?
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Alternative to text messaging

I have a BlackBerry issued to me by my employer. Recently, in an effort to cut costs, the text messaging was turned off. So there goes my social life :) Anyway, looking for alternatives that ...
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Windows Mobile unread message count wrong

I have a WinMo 6.1 PPC phone, and it keeps saying that I have one unread sms/mms message, but i have looked through ALL my folders, and there are no unread messages. After googling around, I found ...
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