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Macbook Pro Mighty Mouse Tracking Speed Slow

I am using Mighty Mouse on my Macbook Pro. Tracking speed is extremely slow. While in the System preference > Mouse > Tracking speed is full. How can i increase speed according to my needs?
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How can I have the Mighty Mouse's secondary button on the left in Windows 10?

I use Windows 10 on a Mac Mini running Boot Camp. My mouse is a wired Mighty Mouse connected via the keyboard USB. The secondary button (used to bring up the context menu) is, by default, on the right....
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To reverse the scrolling of Mighty Mouse in Windows 10 [duplicate]

I read this post but there is no Device Settings in my mouse configurations. How can you reverse the scrolling of mighty mouse in Windows 10?
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How do I map the middle button of a Mighty Mouse to open a new tab in Chrome?

Is it possible to map the middle click of my Apple Mighty Mouse (connected to a MacBook Pro) to open a new tab in Google Chrome (on OSX Snow Leopard)? This works in Firefox, and (I think) on Chrome ...
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Mighty Mouse is jumping around on screen

I have a really annoying problem with my mighty mouse since a couple of weeks now. When moving my mouse (mightymouse) sometimes it jumps (about once in 30minutes) directly to a (propably) random spot ...
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Best way to clean the Apple Mighty Mouse?

As much as I love Apple products' designs, I still don't like the mighty mouse. The scrolling keeps stopping in between very frequently. I tried the instructions provided on Apple's site and it does ...
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