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How to set the kernel modesetting console modeline and vga polarity?

This question is an extension of this one. My problem is my Aspeed video card (not a gpu) ends up dectecting and using the wrong video polarity that results in an a off bound video output along a ...
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How to calculate modeline using cvt for 75hz without multiples of 60hz

I'm trying to see if my LG 32UL500-W monitor will overclock beyond 60hz. It looks like DisplayPort 1.2 handles 4k at 75hz. When I run xrandr --verbose, it shows me the default VESA mode for 4k 60hz: ...
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An attempt to switch to a doublescan X11 modeline fails with "Configure crtc 0 failed"

I have a modern 1920x1200 LED display, capable of up to 96 kHz HorizSync, up to 76 Hz VertRefresh, and up to 205 MHz pixel clock. Apart from its native resolution, the display can also run in ...
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Writing Xorg custom modeline for 1366x768 with nvidia driver

I've recently bought a Dell e1914h monitor 18.5" and supports 1366x768@60Hz display. The problem with proprietary nvidia driver is 1366x768 resolution is not supported by default due to some nvidia ...
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Vim: is it possible to add a modeline for :syntax sync fromstart in a file?

I'm writing a really long page to document a compiler and I was thinking that it would be nice if the doxygen highlighting would stick around. Only if I do a search to further down the file, it loses ...
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modeline does not work in vim

I have a file called .aliases for bash and zsh, I put this line # vim: set filetype=bash: but if I make : echo &ft I get conf
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X-Window Modeline for high resolution modes on NEC LCD 22WV monitor

What should look like X Window System (X.Org) modeline to be put in xorg.conf, for high resolution (incuding recommended 1680x1050 @ 50Hz resolution) for 22" NEC LCD 22WV monitor? X.Org autodetect ...
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Can I create a custom resolution (modeline) using restricted nvidia graphics driver?

I'd like to create a custom modeline/resolution for the DVI output of my 8400GS card in my Ubuntu 9.04 system, using the nvidia restricted driver. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it? xorg....
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