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Questions tagged [modern-ui-snapping]

Windows 8's Modern UI, officially named "Windows Store Apps", only supports snapping at certain resolutions for "Modern" apps.

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5 votes
2 answers

How to disable Windows 10 top edge auto maximize 'feature'?

I hate my apps being maximized when I try to reposition my apps near the top. I love the left/right edge snap though. I just hate the top edge snap. Most tips I found are for Windows 7, they no ...
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0 answers

Window snapping with dual monitors

Is there a way to disable window snapping on borders and keeping the maximized window dragging? I know how to disable the snapping, but it also disables the dragging for maximized windows. I was ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Set Modern/Metro Apps default size

I tend to run the Modern/Metro apps, like Skype and Acrobat, rarely, but when I do they are fairly disruptive to my flow. They always start in full screen, and if I change to set them as left/right, ...
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1 vote
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How do I disable the top hand-grab feature in Windows 8.1 - update 1 (after Spring)? [duplicate]

This is the last annoyance I cannot disable. I boot to desktop, use Classic Shell, removed hot corners. But this feature is the last I cannot seem to remove. Which feature I mean exactly? The one ...
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9 votes
4 answers

How can I disable the drag handle on the desktop?

Any idea how the ability to "drag" the desktop app can be turned off? I'm talking about the area in the top-middle of the screen that changes the mouse cursor when you hover over it. On metro apps it ...
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