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Use an application (like OneNote) as a background image

I have a list of tasks I need to do. In order not to forget them, I would like to put them in a OneNote document. (Or whatever program: MS-Word, MS-Excel, Notepad++, ...) Then, I would like to use ...
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How to set the kernel modesetting console modeline and vga polarity?

This question is an extension of this one. My problem is my Aspeed video card (not a gpu) ends up dectecting and using the wrong video polarity that results in an a off bound video output along a ...
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Leaving computer monitor on (not standby) and lit overnight

How bad is it to leave an LED monitor lit and on overnight? It will not be in standby mode. The time frame is 6-12 hours of “on”-time, but this could be variable. To avoid burn in, the brightness ...
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How to mock up a virtual display on a Windows 10 VM

Running from an amazon VM with windows 10, I want to mirror the screen with an application through a web interface. Ideally I would like to Mock up a custom screen that mirrors the clients ...
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AOC monitor times out after a few seconds to minutes

My AOC monitor is hooked up to a DVR Video camera surveillance system. The monitor continues to timeout or go 'black' every few minutes, sometimes after a few seconds. The power button is "ON" and ...
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How can I set up a keybind to restrict mouse movement between two monitors?

I have recently began using two monitors and appreciating the convenience. However, I dislike the behaviour of moving the mouse between monitors. For context, my second monitor is abour a foot lower ...
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I have a windows 10 Laptop, with Dead Screen Monitor

is there any way of accessing my laptop without just buying a new monitor ? Remote desktop access is not configured . I have another laptop and pc if there is any cheap solution , any cheap gadget i ...
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Monitor broken despite ok device details

My laptop went through security and came out broken and yellow, and in some windows will be completely unrecognisable. I went to Device Management and the PnP Generic Monitor security details are "...
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Linux and multiple monitors not working properly on docked laptop

I'm working on a docked HP ProBook 650 and two external monitors. On Windows it works fine, but my work requires me to use Linux (tried both Ubuntu and Debian). Got two seperate problems: On Ubuntu ...
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ASUS PB238Q Yellow tint

I bought the said monitor around 5 weeks ago and have been using it with a blue rigger DVI cable with no problems. Anyway, tonight I got in from work and used the PC for around an hour, everything ...
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Does Lowering The Monitor Refresh Rate Save Battery Life?

Is this a myth or is this for real? I read about it all and was wondering if anyone knows if it is true or tried it yet. Going from 60Hz to 40Hz
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Monitor reset itself and now I can't set the resolution/settings back to how it was before

I've had my LG 24" widescreen monitor since 2009 and 2 weeks ago I noticed the monitor turned itself off (never had it done this before) so I switched it back on to find all the settings like gamma, ...
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