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In Unix-like operating systems, more is a filter for paging through text in the terminal one screenful at a time.

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Disable "More Choices" option on User account control:

I want to hide "More Choices" in User Account Control when I install or run the Apps that means allows Administrator password only,.. User Account Control
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How to replace -- More -- in more command (batch)

The command in batch scripting is easy enough for people used to it. Space Display next page. Return Display next line. Q Quit. ... Etc... But to the inexperienced user this is not ...
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more command returns "Too many arguments in command line"

I have a Windows 10 machine where running the more command returns "Too many arguments in command line." if I pass any filename, whether the file exists or not. So far I've only seen this on one ...
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How to get piped output in color?

I am using FreeBSD with the csh shell. As an example, in the terminal / screen I get color output for ls (eg. ls -lGs). But when I pipe it through more (eg ls -lGs | more) the output has no colour. ...
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Linux more, how to move to beginning of file?

How to show the beginning of file or show the exact line with move terminal command if I gone to the next page?
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Get more compatibly modes

If your running windows and you hold Alt + double click on any application it opens up properties for that application. On shortcuts you can get compatibility settings. My Question: Is it possible ...
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Non-deterministic behavior of Grep in conjunction with More

What would you expect to happen after this: for /l %i in (1,1,100) do @more some.bbl | grep a | md5sum Most probably, not this: ec3ecb76408d4225ff23a25d0596e00f *- 13cfd899b90b9cd7aedb406a785e8eac *...
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See all output from commands performed inside screen

I am using screen ( to access my minecraft console. I created a server in /etc/init.d, and have minecraft running in the background. Then, to ...
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Does the more command in Windows only affect output, or command execution as well?

I am running a software build in Visual Studio 2005 on Win XP via the command line (devenv.exe /rebuild). I piped it though more and then realized I didnt want to have to baby sit it so I quit more ...
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How can I set `less` or `more` max lines (scrollable height) limit/boundary in linux?

(Sorry for the title. Any suggestions?) I've set my commandline PS1 to cover 3 lines: white space user, server and pwd $ or # to input I think less (or more?) is configured to break after window's ...
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Less or More in Windows?

Is there a command in the Windows DOS prompt that is equivalent to the UNIX less or more? Basically, the problem is that when I type hg log, the output has too many lines to fit on the screen and I ...
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Don't display filenames along with the contents when using "more"

While displaying more than one file with more, I don't want to display filenames along with the contents. I only need to display the contents of the file. Is there any way to escape the filenames?
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How to scroll backwards when displaying file using "more" command?

Return scrolls forward. How do I scroll backward one line at a time?
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Windows 7 returns "command not found" when giving the more command

On my machine I can call the more command, but my colleague cannot. We both open the command-line as Administrator, but that doesn't help. What's wrong here?
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