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Drag to open link in container tab, in Firefox

What I want: Drag a link to a direction (left for example) then it was opened in a container tab (I have only one container currently) What I have: Firefox beta 124 Violentmonkey Glitterdrag that can ...
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Can Meta cross-track users across Firefox containers?

I use Firefox with the official extension Firefox Multi-Account Containers. I use an exclusive container for the Meta websites Facebook and Instagram. I.e., all their domains will open in this ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Firefox Extension: New Tab Shortcuts per Container? [closed]

I can pin shortcut icons on the new tab page. Has anyone found a Firefox extension that displays pinned icons based on the container chosen? e.g. The new tab page icons for the banking container ...
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How do I have separate devices open new tabs in Firefox in a Work/Personal Container by default?

I have a work device and a personal device, and wish to have the work device open all new tabs in the Work container while my home device open all new tabs in my Personal container. I am aware that I ...
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Connect to containers without specifying port in url (nginx)

I want to connect to containers via nginx location blocks without making the port visible in the url for a large scale application my current block is: location ~"/name/(.*)/(.*)/([0-9])/"{ ...
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5 votes
1 answer

"Enable Container Tabs" option missing in Firefox 97 on Ubuntu 20.04

On several systems, I have Firefox set up with container tabs, which I have enabled by going to [menu] > Settings > General > Tabs > Enable Container Tabs (checked) However, on my newest ...
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How to use containers in Firefox v85?

I have Firefox version 85.0.2-r1, but I am unable to use containers. I tried to install the multi-account container add-on, but I see nothing. I'm using Gentoo Linux. www-client/firefox-85.0.2-r1:0/...
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1 answer

How can I confirm from the start that I want to open a website always in a particular multi-account container?

With Firefox' Multi-Account Containers one can set a particular website to open always in a given container, like so: Q: How can I avoid being asked to confirm this choice next time I open said ...
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3 votes
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How to open links always in default container in Firefox?

Using Firefox, I created a container for Google. If I do a Google search and open a link from there (either in a new tab or in the same one), it will open in the very same container, thus enabling ...
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3 answers

Is there a Chrome equivalent for Firefox's multi-account container extension?

I just found out about Firefox's multi-account container extension. For those unfamiliar, this is a good overview... It seems like a fantastic solution for being able to ...
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14 votes
3 answers

How clear data from a Firefox container?

Provisionally to remove data like: cache cookies ServiceWorkers storage I remove the container and create it again, then I associate the pages of interest, the process is quite laborious. I admit ...
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32 votes
4 answers

Clear "Always open in .." container preference for a specific site

I have a Container named AbcContainer in my Firefox. Lets say, by mistake, I opt for a specific site (say to always open in that container. How do I go about clearing this ...
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