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Windows 11 unmap a WebDAV "Network Location" (NOT a "Network Drive")

I accidentally used the This PC/Add a network location function to map a WebDAV server. This creates a mapped folder appearing under This PC without a drive letter, which is not what I wanted. The ...
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Symbolic link pointing to network path instead of a local path

I am trying to setup a way to have a network file path mount as if it's on my local drive in Windows. ex: "\\Files" shows up as "C:\Volumes\Files". I have tried mklink in ...
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VPN network to home address

I am looking for some help with setting up a VPN. Long story short, I moved to San Diego however my employer is requiring me to stay in Sacramento even though I work remotely 100% of the time. The PC ...
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Chicken and Egg; only DC is VM on host with domain shares

I'm only running one physical server at a time (think faux cluster in power saving state). The host/hypervisor's shares which are replicated to other host/hypervisors on the domain, are home to VMs ...
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How can you switch printer automatically depending on what's plugged in? Windows 10

I have a Windows 10 laptop that will be using several printers of the same model across different locations. I'm aware that you can have Windows 10 switch the default printer automatically based on ...
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Stop Windows NLA from repeatedly detecting local network as a new, Unidentified Network

I am managing a small business network with a number of Windows 10 and 7 PCs. Intermittently but quite frequently users complain that they can no longer access shared folders with other co-workers. ...
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Mapped network drive not working, yet the same network location is flawless

I'm working a client's PC, but for some reason I'm having trouble with a certain file type opening properly, but it's stumped me. There is a mapped network drive : \\company\users\username That ...
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New network shortcut continues to point to old location after changing location and credentials

I had originally set up a network location on my PC to an ftp page on my personal website, then later I deleted the network shortcut and created a new one that points to a different ftp page on my ...
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How to remove a (corrupt?) windows 7 network location when windows explorer crashes when I try to right-click on the network location?

I have a Windows 7 machine and I like using windows explorer's network locations but I now have 2 network location mappings which are corrupt and cannot be removed. When I try to right click on them ...
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How is wifi used to detect network location? [duplicate]

On my iPhone, when WiFi is turned off and I use GPS/Navigation apps, the phone suggests that I should turn on WiFi for improved location accuracy. If I have WiFi turned on and am not connected to a ...
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Fake GPS location on Windows 10 hosted network

I recently made a hosted network in my Windows 10 following these steps: link So I was wondering if there is a way I can fake my gps location and change it to whatever point in the map I want. Is it ...
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create a dummy network location

I am mentaining an application that ,when I try to run, gives an error message : "You must have a Drive M:\, mapped to Path="\some\network\path" " .... so I wnt to simulate that this path exists in ...
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Windows 8.1 My Documents/Pictures/Videos new location shows in all old places

In an effort to help domain users not save to their local hard drives and only save to their (backed-up, secure) personal network shared drive, we have a practice of setting their default save ...
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Set future network connections to Private location instead of defaulting to Public

In Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2, is it possible to set future network connections to use the Private firewall profile instead of defaulting to Public one? I have tried setting all the network items ...
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How does Windows determine which network status icon to show?

I installed Bluesoleil to experiment with an old Bluetooth adapter, and then I uninstalled it. After it was uninstalled, the systray icon for network status always shows a red X. However, I'm ...
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Why does a wireless network give a more accurate location than a wired network?

I build a simple HTML5 website that takes my location (in latitude-longitude), and simply shows my location in Google maps. I opened the HTML document with my laptop Asus K53E-B1 and I found that ...
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Can't mount remote directory using WebDAV

I set up a server with Apache and WebDAV, using this tutorial. I tested the WebDAV functionality using the Cyberduck client, and it works perfectly. I can both read and write to the remote directory ...
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My Network Places XP to Win 7

I am changing from XP to Win 7, I would like to "Add a network location." How can I do that? It seems that they changed the procedure for this.
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How to I set the Network Location for an incoming VPN Connection in Windows 8?

I'm using Windows 8's Incoming Connections feature to run a PPTP VPN server within my network. The VPN works perfectly fine, except that remote computers cannot connect to the VPN host itself. I can ...
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