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ffmpeg using multiple GPUs of same model and performance, but different usage

OS Ubuntu 22.04.1 ffmpeg version N-109649-gab8cde6efa I installed the GPU drivers from an official source. wget
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nvenc scale_npp causes FFmpeg to fail to launch HLS nginx

After updating my graphics card from a 680 to a 1650, I am now able to encode multiple bitrates of my HLS stream using NVENC. However, I am stumped with the following issue, if I attempt to add the ...
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ffmpeg nvenc bottleneck; resources not being fully utilized?

I was surprised when I tried the h264_nvenc codec and found that it rendered some of my compilations up to three times faster than using the default cpu-based h264 encoder ffmpeg uses. By compilation, ...
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FFMPEG - Failed locking bitstream buffer: not enough buffer (14): .35x Video encoding failed

I'm trying to use FFmpeg for converting several video files from AVC to HEVC using hevc_nvenc and after it converts the file at the last moment, it gives me this error: [hevc_nvenc @ 00000293155d5880] ...
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Convert ffmpeg encoding from libx264 to h264_nvenc

The video hosting website LBRY suggests users try the following command to compress their uploads: ffmpeg -i input.avi -c:v libx264 -crf 21 -preset faster -pix_fmt yuv420p -maxrate 5000K -bufsize ...
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